Elodea provides a breakdown of the latest ladder maps

Thanks to Elodea for providing this detailed breakdown:

Hey guys, today is a big day! Team Genesis has been eager for some time now to share our latest set of competitive maps balanced for 1v1. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing, so we apologise for not being able to get them out to you any earlier. We know you’ve been putting up with the old unbalanced ladder maps for far too long!

Today we finally reached a point where we were happy enough with the quality of the maps to push the button. This update features a new 900 radius planet, larger than anything we’ve previously been comfortable to say was suitable for 1v1. So have a play on it and leave your feedback! This will be the last update to the 1v1 map pool – detailed changelog and map information below.

While the pa stats ladder will become unsupported in a few weeks due to Uber’s official ladders coming online, we’re still going to be working hard to support future community or exodus tournament events so your feedback still matters. If you feel we are missing certain important aspects of PA gameplay in our map sets, or if you think we could have done something better etc. we would love to hear what, why, and how.

Also want to leave a big thanks to Cola_Colin for creating PA Stats online and supporting the ladder for as long as he has. I doubt the competitive community would be anywhere as large or established if not because of him.

20/10/2014 – Pa Stats Ladder Map Changelog

  • Rebalanced mex for all maps
  • Added new maps Clarke, Faceoff, Capital N, and Dust of Doom (thanks stuart98).
  • Tug of war pathing issues fixed. Both edge spawn options have been changed to now have secondary paths around their respective lava ponds to minimise the effectiveness of contains from the middle spawns
  • Station 3 crevices reworked to minimise possible pathing issues and create more interesting lane gameplay
  • Caledonia reworked to allow more emphasis on naval control and land bombardment type gameplay.
  • Taxman reduced to 2 spawns only, meaning you are now guaranteed that your opponent will spawn on the other island to you.

Map Listing

PA Stats ladder maps

Dust of Doom

  • Author: Stuart98
  • Biome: Desert
  • Radius: 550
  • Metal Count: 110
  • Description: Standard 1v1 desert with more metal than average. One big lake edging on 3 spawn positions might present naval opportunities for players.
  • Spawn Count: 4

Dust of Doom Spawns


  • Author: Taxman
  • Biome: Lava
  • Radius: 600
  • Metal Count: 94
  • Description: Two islands divided by lava. Heavy focus on air gameplay and some artillery options.
  • Spawn Count: 2

Taxman Spawns

Tug of War

  • Author: Elodea
  • Biome: Lava
  • Radius: 596
  • Metal Count: 95
  • Description: One straight landmass surrounded by lava. Two edge spawns and two middle spawns. Simple and straightforward to understand, with some opportunities to sneak around and flank your opponent from behind.
  • Spawn Count: 4

Tug of War Spawns

Cross Back

  • Author: TheWrongCat
  • Biome: Lava
  • Radius: 500
  • Metal Count: 50
  • Description: Circular layout provides interesting chokepoint and map control gameplay. Try not to get boxed in!
  • Spawn Count: 4

Cross Back Spawns

Water World

  • Author: Elodea
  • Biome: Tropical
  • Radius: 650
  • Metal Count: 111
  • Description: No land in sight and water as far as the eye can see. Get ready for gratuitous amounts of ships and air.
  • Spawn Count: 6

Water World Spawns


  • Author: Elodea
  • Biome: Desert
  • Radius: 520
  • Metal Count: 101
  • Description: Many interesting chokepoints and zoning possibilities, but can just as readily also descend into an all out brawl
  • Spawn Count: 4

Dustbowl Spawns


  • Author: Elodea
  • Biome: Lava, Lava, Ice
  • Radius: 450, 450, 700
  • Metal Count: 41, 41, 379
  • Description: Multi-planet spawn system with two low metal lava planets orbiting one high metal count Ice planet.
  • Spawn Count: 4, 4, 0

Honey Pot Spawns

Station 3

  • Author: Elodea
  • Biome: Ice
  • Radius: 600
  • Metal Count: 108
  • Description: 3 land spawns and one naval spawn make for different gameplay each time. Land spawns operate in a triangle, with some secondary routes between spawns. You could also send special forces dox around through the water to attack from behind your opponents base.
  • Spawns: 4

Station 3 Spawns


  • Author: Captain Conundrum
  • Biome: Desert
  • Radius: 900
  • Metal Count: 249
  • Description: Super huge planet with some water and a bunch of lanes for land movement. No-one really knows how to play these big maps properly yet so have fun!
  • Spawn Count: 6

Clarke Spawns

Systeem X

  • Author: Mot9001
  • Biome: Moon
  • Radius: 500
  • Metal Count: 66
  • Description: Classic fast paced moon gameplay. Fights will usually always be very scrappy
  • Spawn Count: 4

Systeem X Spawns

Capital N

  • Author: Mot9001
  • Biome: Metal
  • Radius: 600
  • Metal Count: 72
  • Description: Because the spawns are on opposite sides of the equator, this map tends to feel much larger than it actually is. Capital N plays slower and much more macro paced than your standard moon. Also has alot of interesting movement options and bridge chokepoints.
  • Spawn Count: 2

Capital N Spawns


  • Author: Elodea
  • Biome: Metal, Metal, Moon
  • Radius: 500, 500, 270
  • Metal Count: 109, 109, 0
  • Description: This is the multi-planet spawn orbital version of Capital N. As per popular request, you can annihilaser race, compete for the 3rd halleyable moon to destroy your opponents laser controls, or just plain out invade from orbit and ignore the super weapons altogether.
  • Spawn Count: 2, 2, 0

Faceoff Spawns


  • Author: Max
  • Biome: Earth
  • Radius: 596
  • Metal Count: 93
  • Description: Earthlike planet with a lot of water and water metal. Some interesting land movement options as well if you want to ignore all that. All spawns are vulnerable to naval bombardment to some degree however.
  • Spawn Count: 4

Caledonia Spawns

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