Countdown to a Casual Saturday

This Saturday we’re running the Andreas G 4 Casual tournament. What’s a casual? It’s an opportunity for players who may not be among the top ranks of the game to get a chance to shine. All players are welcome, but with enough sign-ups we split platinum and uber players into their own brackets.

Andreas G 4 Casual Legion

If you’ve ever wanted to be in a tournament, have your games cast, get people cheering for you on stream, then this is the tournament to join. Regardless of your ability there’s good fun to be had, and as a double-elimination tournament you’re guaranteed two games minimum. Who knows, perhaps it will be you in the final?

This particular casual is a Legion casual. This means you can play either as the MLA (the original faction) or the Legion. Twice the choice, so there’s bound to be something to suit your style of play. If you haven’t heard of the Legion then check out our article on the Legion Expansion.

Want to see what a casual looks liket? Check out the previous tournament, Andreas G 3 Casual, and have a look at some of the VODs.

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