Clan Wars Showdown VOD online

And it’s over.

For those of you who have been living in a megabase, we’ve just finished our Clan Wars Showdown tournament. Hosted on a custom server, 32 player slots were to be distributed equally among all the clans which signed up. There would be no minimum turnout required, but the bigger your roster the better your chance of filling those slots. Wheeling and dealing between the smaller clans was expected, and with The Realm having taken the title in Clan Wars season one they were favourites to win.

The limit was three games or three hours, whichever came first, with whatever game was running at the three hour being allowed to finish before we called it. What we hadn’t expected was that we would get a single, epic three hour game. It broke out almost every toy PA has to offer, featuring land wars, air wars, units flying through space and many canny orbital assaults. It was a spectacle to behold, even as the server sometimes groaned under the load. Certainly the clans were pushed to employ new strategies for a scale of endgame they rarely see.

Clan Wars Showdown Match VOD

It was all run live on our hitbox channel and we were happy to see that our frontpage presence resulted in some new viewers coming to see what Planetary Annihilation was all about. Thank you for being so warm in your welcome and hopefully some of them will stick around to join our community.

But if you weren’t able to make it don’t worry we’ve got your backs. The VOD of this epic game is already online and available on the Clan Wars Showdown matches page. Just click here to check it out. Safe to say this likely isn’t the last time you’ll be seeing us run an epic scale game.

Be sure to stay tuned for our next tournament which we’ll be announcing shortly.

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