Clan Wars Season One ends on a high

This news post will contain spoilers as to the winner of Clan Wars season one, so if you haven’t caught up with all the latest matches then switch across to the videos section now.

The first season of Clan Wars has come to an end with some fantastic matches as Team Burning took on Voices of War and PA Gods faced off against Promethean. PA Gods vs. Promethean [Home] was awarded Showcase Match status, joining only the only two other games to be given this eXodus award: Team Burning [Home] vs. The Realm and PA Gods [Home] vs. Voices of War.

Planetary Annihilation The RealmCongratulations go to The Realm who not only fielded the largest roster, but also walked away with the honour of being league champions defeating favourites PA Gods. The Realm came better prepared with rumours of arduous drills, practices and selection games run by [RLM]burntcustard. But it was a clan victory, and many Realm names were seen, some old and some new, all contributing towards first place. The final standings can be seen on the Clan Wars tournament page with almost every position up for grabs in the final games.

A hearty well done to everyone who took part and helped make Clan Wars such a successful event. Conceived as an idea in August 2014 and launched that same month, we never anticipated it would be as successful as it was, generating a lot of discussion across forums, leading a far more clan activity and resulting in the largest player sign up of any Planetary Annihilation tournament to-date.

There have been ups and downs and not everyone made it to the finish line, but we feel the end result made it all worthwhile. So thanks to both players and viewers for helping to make Clan Wars season one great. We don’t have information about season two at this time, but stay tuned. Until then check out our next tournament, Evil Twins, which is still open for sign-ups, as well as DarkSteel’s Orbital Warfare Mayhem mod tournament.

Planetary Annihilation Evil Twins Tournament

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