A change to the PTE and Jig nukes

Today Uber announced a change to the way the PTE environment works. In the past it has been big changes, big builds, and little time for community feedback. That all changes now, with more frequent builds planned but each bringing smaller changes. The first of these is expected to land tomorrow.

The planet below has been teased as something we can expect to see soon, symmetrical with hand placed and sized terrain features and metal spots.

Symmetrical Uber Planet Symmetrical Uber Planet

Uber wish to see how units interact on these hand-crafted maps and then begin the process of tweaking the balance.

Finally, Jigs are undergoing a change. Each time a Jig is destroyed it will explode with the force of a nuke. Area builds have been updated to account for this, and now you must choose, maximise your income in an easily defensible area or spread them out to avoid chain reactions. Unbalanced as hell or loads of fun? Check out the new PTE when it releases and be part of the process of shaping the future balance of the game.

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