Binary Stars concludes and VODs arrive

Planetary Annihilation Binary Stars

Sixteen teams arrived for the fight but only one could walk away with the $200 first place prize. It was a long one, running for almost six hours, but by the end of it we had a winner.

We want to thank all the players who took part for turning up (our first full turnout tournament ever!), and for being (mostly) on time. It made things much easier on us and we appreciate it. Also thanks to those of you who joined us on hitbox to watch the event live.

Congratulations to PA Gods who took first place and also to Techno Trousers who defied everyone’s expectations and made it all the way to the finals, really giving PA Gods a run for their money in the third game.

While these events are always best experienced live we realise that some people can’t make it, and for others bed calls when it’s 2am in Europe and games are still running. But not to worry, after a minor panic due to a corrupt recording we have recovered the video footage and uploaded the VODs. Check out the videos or matches pages.

There was a lot of deliberating internally but we finally decided on semi-final match N2 as our match of the tournament. If you watch only one match it should be that one.

We’ll have another tournament for you soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Finally, I’m pleased to announce that I won our internal predictions game. Click below to reveal how we did, but be warned it will spoil you on the results of the tournament.

Planetary Annihilation Binary Stars predictions

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