Announcing Mini Mods Mayhem – a tournament open to all

eXodus eSports is proud to announce our latest tournament: Mini Mods Mayhem. It’s set for the 29th November 1800 UTC.

Mini Mods Mayhem tournament

In celebration of the thriving mod scene within the Planetary Annihilation community each one of the six rounds utilises a different mod.

  1. Boom Bot Wars
  2. Statera
  3. Base Wars
  4. Orbital Commanders
  5. Junkyard Wars
  6. Comm Yard

We’ll be using a Swiss tournament system, so you’ll get to play in every round regardless of how you do. Sign up and try your luck with some pretty crazy mods that completely change how the game plays.

There’s some huge cash prizes, and no, the order of them is not a typo it’s simply a sign that the director is a massive troll.

The tournament is open for anyone to participate in so sign up now.

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