AbleGamers Charity Tournament raises $700

Last night the PA community gathered together for a first: donating money to charity by buying units for players. A fantastic event made possible by TheWrongCat resulted in $700 being raised, and more than a few plans disrupted by impromptu appearances of Halleys and Nuclear Missile Launchers. We here at eXodus eSports certainly did our best to rig the game make timely unit donations for fellow staffer Captain Conundrum as he battled against some of the best players on the PA esports scene.

Our thanks to all those who attended and gave money to this worthy cause, and if you weren’t able to make it please consider stopping by the AbleGamers website and donating now.

VODs of the event will be uploaded over the course of the week and you can already see the chaos that resulted from donations in the first game on our events match page.

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    It was exciting watching Captain flap as our donations overwhelmed his ability to play. But my highlight was shadowpig’s perfect nuke. Just bang on.

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