PTE 77923 launches with tweaks

  • Date: 10th February, 2015
  • Category: PTE
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Following on from PTE 77792 is the latest PTE release, 77923. Some tweaking of the new mine visibility following complaints, as well as adjustments to the treeconomy. As ever, be sure to leave your feedback for Uber.


Land Scout (Skitter)

  • Added Mine Sight vision layer
  • Mine Sight set to 200

Combat Fabricator

  • Energy Draw set to 1500

Advanced Combat Fabricator

  • Energy Draw set to 2000


  • AI won’t transport commanders in an orbital lander anymore

System Editor

  • Bug fix for editor lighting issue on high height range planets


  • Control group UI will now scale to number of units selected
  • Art pass on Idle buttons
  • Selection UI will no longer show type filters if there is only one type
  • Quick select “All” buttons will no longer select fabbers unless it’s the fabber button
  • Fixed issues of select all advanced button selecting fabbers
  • Idle fabber/factory button now selects all target units on screen with single click, and all target units on planet with double click
  • You can now track a control group by double clicking
  • Fix for game resetting to FFA when you select a planet

Bug fix/Polish

  • Planet smashes no longer deal damage way outside of crater range
  • Air units will no longer attempt to hover below the normal ground height
  • Air units will no longer land on unpathable terrain
  • Fix for game crashing on 11+ player games
  • Factory’s given rally/move/patrol points will still be idle if idle
  • Possible fix for broken Join Game button (will need testing in PTE please)

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