Less than 24 hours to the Community Cup!

Get hyped everybody, because it’s almost here!

Less than 24 hours from now, 64 players will face off in a single elimination bracket for who can claim the title of Community Cup Champion. The patches have been applied, the maps have been made, the technology has been deployed and our bodies are ready. WE ARE READY TO GO! Tune in at exodusesports.com tomorrow for the stream, the chat, the brackets, and all the awesome that will be this Community Cup! We do have some players who have said they cannot make it, and we’ll have some spare spots from no shows, so there’s still a chance to sign-up. Visit here to get your chance to compete in this epic event! We’re going to be giving away PA keys, playing community games between matches, and even announcing something super special at the end! Don’t miss it!!!

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