13 brand new balanced maps for PA Stats matchmaking [UPDATED]

Update: Elodea has provided a detailed breakdown of these maps.

The fantastic Team Genesis has just completed testing of 13 carefully balanced systems for PA Stats 1v1 matchmaking.

Dust of Doom

Dust of Doom - Sands of Death

taxman 2v2

Taxman 2v2

Tug of War

Tug of War

Cross Back

Cross Back

Water World

Water World - Boat Prime




Honeypot - Planet Bob Honeypot - Masteroid Honeypot - SuperBiscuit

Station 3

Station 3



Systeem X

Systeem X - Maan X

Capital N

Capital N - Block


Faceoff - Singopalis Faceoff - Armstrong Faceoff - Pebble

You’ve got moons, lava, desert, tropical, metal, all in single planet and multi-planet configurations, all carefully tested to ensure fair metal distribution and spawns. It’s a stunning achievement derived from the team’s hard work. You’ll find them all listed in the PA Stats 1vs1 Systems tab when loading a system.

Get out there and get matching!

You can see some of the maps in action in a rather informal eXodus Twitch stream.

Our tournament database is getting fat

Over the last two weeks we’ve been working hard inputting the history of Planetary Annihilation tournaments into our database. Every tournament from now back to March – when the community first started using Challonge – has been imported. Every match, every player, every VOD, every PA Stats link. It’s all in there. That makes for:

  • 31 events
  • 777 matches
  • 250 players
  • 198 VODs

Just pop into the events tab and take a look. Or if you just want to see how the game has evolved in only a few short months, have a look in our videos section. While you’re at it, pop into one of your games and click your name to get to your player profile. See what your win ratio looks like, or how often you finish a game in under twelve minutes. What’s your longest winning streak?

As with any large piece of work there’s a possibility of error. if you see any mistakes please let us know through our Contact page. If you’re a caster whose VODs are not on the site yet, please drop us a line with your eXodus account name (ensuring you’ve linked it to your YouTube account) and we’ll get it sorted. If you’re a player who can’t update their player profile, again, drop us a line with your eXodus account name and we’ll get your account linked up to your profile.

And we’re not done yet, we want to capture every tournament that’s ever happened in this thriving community. But it’s tricky, records for many of them prior to March are hard to obtain. Please let us know if you can help with obtaining the following information for these events:

  • Tournament name
  • Organisers
  • Players
  • Casters
  • Matches
  • Results
  • Prizes

Look for further improvements in the near future. A better live page for events, the ability to subscribe to stuff and notifications baked right into your web browser, more information in the database, a better interface for checking videos, easier access to your profile, bigger and better guides, and much more.

If you want to be a part of all this, we’re still looking for people who can help us out with art and guides. Get in touch with us through the Contact page if you think you can help.

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning.

User Interface guide updated

Published back in May when PA was labelled Gamma, our guide to the user interface provided you with all the information you needed to find your way around and make use of the tools the game provided.

There have been a number of changes to the UI since the release of the Galactic update and so our guide has now been updated for the latest changes, including: AI difficulty levels, economic multipliers, and Galactic War. It also now includes an explanation on how factory build queues work, including how to insert priority items into a queue.

Check it out in our guides section and leave a comment!