Legion v0.17.0 released

We’re continuing to process your reports, monitor your games, and just generally improve the polish of the faction. So there’s a lot of little balance improvements here to improve the viability of some of less common units, and also some potential minor disruption to existing metas.

The Stoke also has a new model. It’s mighty sexy.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Check out the Legion Expansion article.


  • Salamander banking angle increased from 0.25 to 0.5
  • Havoc no longer prefers to be at the back of a formation
  • Removed generic aircraft death explosion effect from Nova bubble
  • Added idle and death explosion effects for Nova bubble
  • Performance improvements to Nova targeting laser
  • Reduced Loki formation spacing
  • Reduced Meteor formation spacing
  • Miniman no longer prioritises Commander
  • New Stoke model

New Stoke model


  • Deathmark nerf:
    • Rate of fire changed from 6 to 7
  • Lockheed buff:
    • Speed, acceleration and deceleration increased from 50 to 60
    • Turn speed increased from 90 to 120
  • Salamander buff:
    • Health increased from 1000 to 1100
    • Turn speed increased from 70 to 120
  • Orbweaver nerf:
    • Rate of fire changed from 2 to 1.75
  • Imperator nerf:
    • Drone aggression radius changed from 200 to 100
  • Thor buff:
    • Laser damage increased from 150 to 175
    • Rocket damage increased from 50 to 100
    • Rocket splash radius increased from 10 to 15
    • Rockets more likely to impact in an area around the target
  • Panzer nerf:
    • Missile lifetime decreased from 8 to 5 seconds
  • Nova change:
    • Metal cost increased from 120 to 180
    • Nova bubble now does 35 AOE damage on death after 1 second
  • Loki buff:
    • Turn acceleration increased from 20 to 30
    • Turret pitch angle tolerance increased from 0 to 30
  • Lancer nerf:
    • Weapon range decreased from 80 to 75
  • Meteor nerf:
    • Health decreased from 3000 to 2000
    • Turn speed increased from 40 to 60
  • Havoc buff:
    • Health decreased from 650 to 450
    • Speed increased from 12 to 15
    • Turn speed increased from 60 to 90
  • Patriot nerf:
    • Rate of fire per volley decreased from 1 to 0.83


  • Infiltrator now selects as a combat air unit
  • Thor main cannon less likely to shoot into the ground
  • Scout Bot Radar mode renamed to Investigator Radar mode
  • Nova now properly auto-attacks targets
  • Lockheed bullets now correctly exit from the gun barrel
  • Lancer no longer fires above tall units at max range
  • Spoiler land mines no longer block pathing

Legion Expansion v0.16.0 released

Another Monday and time for another update to the Legion Expansion. Hope you’re enjoying it so far! The big change here is that the Imperator has been updated; it now launches attack drones against surface targets rather than relying on direct fire weapons to get the job done. Try it out and see what you think, along with the other small balance tweaks and fixes implemented in this release.

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Please continue to provide your feedback here, in the official thread, and through the beta feedback form. Remember, the more detail you provide the more useful your feedback is.


  • Added ability to hold fire to Spoiler mines
  • Imperator now launches drones against ground targets
  • Performance improvements to Salamander and its turret


  • Havoc buff
    • Weapon starts fully charged
  • Black Knight buff
    • Speed, acceleration and deceleration increased from 14 to 20
  • Deathmark buff
    • Rate of fire changed from 7 to 6
  • Stoke buff
    • Speed increased from 13 to 14
  • Mass Extractor buff
    • Metal cost decreased from 240 to 220
  • Imperator change
    • Launches drones against ground targets
    • Orbital to ground damage decreased from 300 to 50


  • Starcannon unit pods now always visible
  • Epoch shots blocked by Ramparts
  • Purgers from Necromancers now correctly grouped with Purgers built from factories

Global chat (PA Chat) active for all! [updated]

Unfortunately this has had to be disabled due to the 100 person limit on the PlayFab side.

As of Saturday morning (UTC), the global chat setup known as PA Chat is now enabled for all users. If you don’t have the mod PA Chat installed you will now see the JOIN PA CHAT button in the bottom-right of your main menu screen. Clicking this takes you to the global chat room, making it much easier to find other PA players to play with.

You can check out our PA Chat tournament guide for more information.

This is a weekend experiment, so let’s make it a successful one!

Join PA Chat

Legion Expansion v0.15.0 released – the balance build

The Legion Expansion has been out for over a month now, and in that time we’ve been not only running internal playtests, but also watching your games and listening to your feedback.

This build focuses around many of the balance concerns people have had, from elements which made no sense like the Tyr not being able to hit things underwater, to the Comet proving to be too difficult to stop on multi-planet maps. There’s a lot of little changes here but it all adds up to make a big difference.

One area which has been highlighted is ease of use and knowing what to build. While we’re looking at what we can do about this, we urge you to check out the full Legion Expansion article. It has a breakdown of every unit, its strengths and weaknesses, and a video showing how it works.

So check out the latest version and please continue to provide your feedback here, in the official thread, and through the beta feedback form. Remember, the more detail you provide the more useful your feedback is.

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Legion Expansion forces attack the MLA

  • Miniman projectiles now show a trail
  • Scorpion hit FX changed to better show AoE
  • Improved Stoke textures
  • Firebird now uses the same laser effect as the Scythe to improve performance
  • Remove numerous redundant files
  • Optimise Legion uber cannon sim performance
  • Changed Firebird description to mention it’s interplanetary
  • Enforcer now displays FX on death


Legion Expansion Tyr over MLA base

Full unit stats – https://palobby.com/legion-expansion/units

  • Tyr buff:
    • Can now target underwater and seafloor units
  • Scorpion buff:
    • Increased lifetime of shots from 1.5 to 3
  • Firebird nerf:
    • Only damages air units
  • Comet nerf:
    • Health reduced from 2500 to 1900
    • Planetary arrival cooldown increased from 3 to 8
  • Rig buff:
    • Health increased from 600 to 3600
    • Energy income increased from 1080 to 10800
  • Centurion buff:
    • Increased rate of fire from 2.5 to 4
  • Air Foundry buff:
    • Metal cost decreased from 720 to 600
  • Advanced Air Foundry buff:
    • Energy usage reduced from 3000 to 1650
    • Metal usage increased from 48 to 50
  • Ship Foundry buff:
    • Energy usage increased from 675 to 800
    • Metal usage increased from 15 to 20
  • Advanced Ship Foundry buff:
    • Energy usage decreased from 2025 to 1750
  • Guardian nerf:
    • No longer amphibious
  • Shredder buff:
    • Check for target tick rate changed from 3 to 2
    • Does not spread its damage output across multiple targets
  • Iron Dome buff:
    • Missile initial and max velocity increased from 500 to 1500
    • Energy usage decreased from 9000 to 4000
    • Metal usage increased from 45 to 60
  • Peacekeeper buff:
    • Vision radius increased from 100 to 105
  • Fabrication Walker buff:
    • Energy usage decreased from 675 to 650
  • Advanced Armour Fabricator buff:
    • Metal cost decreased from 2400 to 2250
  • Supernova buff:
    • Damage to orbital units decreased from 100% to 33%
    • Energy usage decreased from 18000 to 6000
    • Metal usage decreased from 120 to 90
  • Fabrication Vessel nerf:
    • Energy usage increased from 800 to 850
  • Advanced Fabrication Vessel buff:
    • Health increased from 450 to 675
  • Advanced Ship Foundry change:
    • Energy usage increased from 1750 to 1900
    • Metal usage increased from 1900 to 65
  • Tola nerf:
    • Metal cost increased from 900 to 1000
    • Health increased from 900 to 1000
  • Miniman buff:
    • Disabled friendly fire


Legion Expansion base with Rockteeth Commander

  • Rampart textures now show when it’s built on the water
  • Fixed bone structure of the Stoke
  • Marauder muzzle flash now displayed
  • Fixed animation errors generated by Black Knight
  • All instances of armour now spelled the same
  • Praetorian can now use teleporters
  • Clots now correctly block all hover and large amphibious units
  • Centurion plays sound when it fires
  • Removed Tsunami duplicate weapon
  • Tsunami plays sound when it fires
  • Scorpion weapon charging FX now correctly align with firing sequence
  • Investigator radar FX better aligned to model
  • Lancer firing FX better aligned to model
  • Miniman bomb explosions don’t end prematurely

Legion Expansion v0.14.1 released

This one is a small patch ahead of the Andreas G 4 Casual Legion tournament.


  • AI updated for Starcannon changes


  • Comet nerf:
    • Added 3 second cooldown on arrival at a new planet
  • Starcannon buff:
    • Can now build the Orbweaver


  • Stoke and Corsair now display the correct cost to build
  • AI no longer tries to have the Praetorian build things it can’t

Legion Expansion v0.14.0 released

Following a week of extensive testing and feedback we’ve prepared another patch for the Legion Expansion. Now that it’s available to all Planetary Annihilation: TITANS players we’re getting a much better idea of what works and what doesn’t out in the field.

This time around we’ve implemented some changes designed to help you migrate from the MLA to the Legion, moving units into build locations that best fit the role the MLA unit in that position would have held. We’ve also nerfed a couple of units that seemed abusable, though we’ll be seeing how those Starcannon changes fare. In addition we’ve worked to eliminate some unnecessary micro on the Salamander, while hopefully not allowing you to micro it when you want to.

Lastly, there are some general fixes to improve the general polish of the mod.

Check out the full changelog below.


  • Switched Deathmark and Havoc on the build bar so their positions are better aligned with MLA roles
  • Switched Salamander and Infiltrator on the build bar so their positions are better aligned with MLA roles
  • Added a firing effect to the Miniman
  • Added idle effect to Salamander
  • Salamander turrets now auto fire rather than requiring manual attack orders


Full unit stats are available from PA Lobby.

  • Salamander buff:
    • Turrets now automatically deployed though manual deployment is still possible
    • Turret health increased from 1500 to 2500
    • Turret damage increased from 10 to 15
  • Infiltrator nerf:
    • Metal cost increased from 300 to 450
    • Health decreased from 350 to 250
    • Rate of fire decreased from 4 to 2
    • Increased angle of fire from 180 to 360 degrees
  • Starcannon nerf:
    • Removed option to build Enforcer
    • Removed option to build Scorpion
    • Build power decreased from 50/2100 to 45/1900
    • Rate of fire decreased from 6 to 3
    • Unit pod velocity decreased from 150 to 120
    • Metal cost reduced from 1500 to 900
  • Meteor change:
    • Drone storage capacity reduced from 18 to 14
    • Drone damage increased from 15 to 20


  • Welcome message now links to correct Legion Expansion forum thread
  • Fix bot fabricator having wrong metal cost
  • Meteor launch smoke now shoots in the correct direction
  • Miniman bomb explosion effect now timed correctly with explosion
  • Rockteeth given identical rate of fire and damage as other Commanders to ensure fairness
  • Fixed bug preventing Necromancer from sometimes spawning all its Purgers

Legion Expansion v0.13.0 released

It’s time for another weekly update for Legion Expansion. As memorial weekend comes to a close we’re really close to seeing the Planetary Annihilation PTE pushed to the stable branch, allowing all players access to the Legion with no hoops to jump through.

As we’re getting close to this miraculous occasion we want to get your feedback on the beta. If you can take five minutes to complete this survey we’d greatly appreciate it.

It’s a light patch this time, but it contains some important balance changes. We’re focused on trying to improve unit diversity and get away from the Enforcer spam meta we’ve seen take hold. With the health drop we’re hopeful that Monstrosities will need to be added into the mix to act as a shield for the fragile Enforcer, as well as making T2 vehicles more relevant. While we also include a nerf to the Starcannon we’re considering additional measures to make anti-orbital defences more effective against it, so stay tuned.


  • Mixed MLA/Legion armies now use a custom icon on the player list


  • Starcannon nerf:
    • Pods can now be shot down by Bluehawks, Catapults, Stingrays and Panzers
  • Decimator buff:
    • Health increased from 1500 to 2500
  • Panzer nerf:
    • Missiles can now be shot down by GIL-Es


  • Removed an invalid ammo type to prevent errors
  • Panzer no longer misses at close range
  • Legion tag no longer shown in UI in non-Legion games


The Legion Expansion relies on the latest features of Planetary Annihilation TITANS which currently are only available via the PTE. Check out this eXodus eSports article which explains what a PTE is and how to get it.

The Legion Expansion is installed from the Community Mods section of Planetary Annihilation TITANS. Simply search for “Legion” and choose to install the Legion Expansion. All required elements will be installed. AI support is included within the mod, but for enhanced AI try installing the Queller AI as well.


Check out our Legion Expansion article for all the information you need.

Custom Server Setup guide updated

Uber has always provided servers for hosting your games. But if you wanted to break the 10 player limit, or put a little more juice into late game performance, then hosting your own custom server was the only way to go. And right now if you want to host a Legion Expansion game then you have to have a custom server running the PTE version of the game.


mikeyh has kindly updated the Custom Server Setup guide to make it both easier to use (no more VIM!) and relevant to the latest versions of Planetary Annihilation.

So if you want big games, or Legion games, check out the guide to see what you need to do.

Legion Expansion v0.12.0 released

Work continues on the Planetary Annihilation: TITANS Legion Expansion with bugs being eliminated, new features being added and the balance continuing to be tweaked. The big change in this release is that players will no longer need to have the Legion Expansion installed to be able to play in a Legion Expansion game. While the recommendation is still that you install it ahead of time, the days of unaware players joining and then crashing are over.

Unfortunately the Legion Expansion is not playable in multiplayer at the moment. This is due to its reliance on features introduced in the PTE, and the absence of any PTE servers at this time. Once build 94533 or later is released to stable you will be able to play Legion online again. Until then AI skirmish remains available for use with the local server option in settings enabled.

Legion Expansion v0.12.0


  • Improved MLA selection graphics in lobby
  • In-game menu is now red when Legion UI is enabled
  • Removed blue shadows from UI elements when Legion UI is enabled
  • Novas prioritise air
  • Optimised Nova effects for performance
  • Standardised colouring of commanders on game launch splash
  • Standardised colouring of Commanders in lobby
  • Infiltrator’s probe scan effect plays more than once after deployment to more clearly show its function
  • Wraith renamed to Spectre
  • Excalibur renamed to Paladin
  • Added idle effects to the Havoc
  • Improved PA startup time when Legion is disabled through use of new companion mod feature
  • Improved Investigator description
  • Improved game logging


  • Diplomat buffed
    • Cost reduced from 50,000 metal to 40,000 to match Halley


  • Fixed build icon weapon symbols for Catfish, Bowhead and Talos
  • Fixed numerous textures being too bright
  • Adding unit card pictures for Booms spawned by Necromancers
  • Log no longer shows errors for invalid impact decal
  • Fixed placement size of basic and advanced Vehicle Foundry and the advanced Walker Foundry
  • Build bar buttons turn red when clicked not blue
  • Sub-orders from the orders bar are now also red
  • Fixed boundary and selection box of the Holocene
  • Legion lobby no longer obscures Lobby System Preview mod’s planet display
  • Slot colour now correct shade of grey after removing an AI player
  • Legion Commanders highlighted red in commander selection even if the Legion theme is disabled
  • Fixed ready button moving after being clicked
  • Starcannon pods correctly display their trail
  • Description of Kosmos now correctly states that it attacks land
  • Starcannon description no longer claims it’s a teleporter
  • Booms spawned by the Necromancer now have alt-fire
  • Purger can attack surface naval ships close to the shore
  • Fixed strategic icon warnings in log
  • Intro buttons properly sized for latest PA versions

Legion Expansion v0.11.0 released

The Legion Expansion adds an entirely new faction to Planetary Annihilation. That’s over a hundred new units, offering a playstyle that’s completely different from the original faction. Currently in public beta, a new version has been released.

At the moment it is not possible to use the faction in multiplayer as it’s only accessible via the PTE, and the PTE servers have been taken offline for the time being. Thankfully the PTE is expected to move to stable this week at which point you’ll be able to play it against other humans once more. Until then the AI still works, either using the built-in AI or Queller AI.

Legion Expansion v0.11.0


  • Patriots automatically place themselves at the back of formations
  • MLA Commanders now outlined in blue in the lobby to match Legion
  • Earthshaker causes smaller forest fires
  • Corsair prioritises structures (excluding walls) over mobile units
  • Rampart uses team colour for its switching off effect


  • Gustav nerfed:
    • range decreased to 500 from 550
  • Earthshaker nerfed:
    • damage reduced from 2000 to 1500
  • Comet nerfed:
    • build cost increased from 2400 metal to 2500
    • health decreased from 4000 to 2500
    • bomber tag added to ensure ground AA shoots it before fighters
  • Nova overhaul:
    • build cost increased from 90 metal to 120
    • health decreased from 180 to 120
    • causes constant damage to all enemy air units within close proximity for 20 seconds
  • Miniman buffed:
    • bomb health increased from 125 to 130
    • bomb explosion timer decreased from 3 seconds to 2.5
    • bomb splash damage decreased from 500 to 250


  • Moved Rampart to correct location on build bar
  • Fixed colour of spectators in lobby when Legion theme is active
  • Fixed colour of Legion tag in games browser
  • Stoke now uses correct weapon identifier on its factory build image
  • Corsair now uses correct weapon identifier on its factory build image
  • Investigator in radar mode no longer creates errors in the logs
  • Fixed Decimator rocket trail

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