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Interview with PA: TITANS Project Leads

Planetary Annihilation: TITANS has launched. On the day we hosted a livestream and ran a number of public games. We had an opportunity to interview the Project Leads, Tom Vinita and Steve Thompson of Uber Entertainment. We asked them about the design considerations, the process, the changes, and of course, what their favourite unit was.

We’d like to apologise in advance for the noise during the interview. We were speaking to them literally an hour after the launch, so they’d been rather busy and we didn’t get much time for a proper soundcheck.

We also hosted a number of public games that day to celebrate the launch of Planetary Annihilation: TITANS. Check them out on the videos page. And have a look at Planetary Annihilation: TITANS article which details all the changes in this expansion.

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Planetary Annihilation: TITANS Is Here

There has been a mystery brewing at Uber and a lot of people have been guessing as to what it might be. New units? New balance? New terrain? Hover units? More orbital?

No one guessed it would be all of that and more.

Planetary Annihilation Titans

Introducing Planetary Annihilation Titans, a standalone expansion for Planetary Annihilation. Available to all Kickstarter backers for free and to any Planetary Annihilation owner for 66% off. It’s a new dawn for Planetary Annihilation.

We here at eXodus eSports were fortunate enough to gain early access to Planetary Annihilation: TITANS. To help you on your journey we’ve put together an article which tells you everything you need to know about Planetary Annihilation: TITANS. It will walk you through the changes, the units, the maps, and our own experiences with it all.

SPOILER: it’s impossibly awesome.

Planetary Annihilation Titans - Atlas Titans

Planetary Annihilation Titans - Ares Titan

But what of Mystery Mayhem? It will be played using Planetary Annihilation: TITANS. But what if you don’t own a copy? Well we’re happy to announce that everyone who is signed up to the tournament will receive a copy of Planetary Annihilation: TITANS absolutely free courtesy of Uber Entertainment. That’s right, not only do you get to participate in this awesome event with all this cool new stuff, but you’re getting a copy of the expansion just for taking part.

We’ll be playing with Planetary Annihilation: TITANS balance, units and maps so you better start getting ready for this new era of Planetary Annihilation. And if you’re still on the fence after reading our article, well why not come watch live on Saturday and see for yourself?

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Ladder inactivity now 14 days

One of the questions asked in today’s Ask Jables 3 Questions was regarding updates to the Planetary Annihilation ladder

PRoeleert: will you guys do improvements to the ranking system in near future? Revise timeouts / let people see full rankings?

jables:  we have designs for making it more robust, but i don’t think you’ll see it in the next few months, as the guy working on that is buried in other items currently 🙁

This led to a further discussion of the ladder and the best way to encourage play, a subject I have covered in some depth. A suggestion was made to increase the inactivity  period from seven to fourteen days. Jables popped away, and by the time he returned it had been done through the power of Uber engineering magic.

Planetary Annihilation PA Chat Ask Jables 3 Questions

So, enjoy a little more flexibility in your requirement to play on the ladder before you disappear.

If you want to participate in the daily jables question time then just pop in to PA Chat sometime between 17:00 and 20:00 UTC. PA Chat has been updated. Courtesy of mikeyh:

  • single listing in rooms for multiple logins (PA / PALOBBY, etc)
  • 1v1 rank league images fade over time once you go inactive
  • web icon for people logged in outside of PA
  • revised help system:
    • shows only commands available to current user
    • specific help for PA vs PA Lobby
  • rank and web status in friends list
  • right click to clear red mention when minimised
  • improved command error messages
  • major refactor of internals

To Do:

  • (re)join buttons when room is closed (I still misspell halcyon at least once a week)
  • /setcolor and /resetcolors
  • /leftalign
  • show last ranked match info
  • uber session timeout handling
  • title bar command links when space available eg /help or /live
  • fix ghost tooltips when user list updates
  • enable friend requests when logged into PA Lobby
  • html help (maybe)

After some more testing the PA Chat code will be ready to split out of PA Stats into a separate client mod that will share identical code with PA Lobby.

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‘Tis the season for an eXodus tournament and more Unit Cannon info

December Deadlock tournament logo

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but fire is so delightful, and since we’ve got no place to go, let it glow, let it glow, let it glow (in nuclear fire).

‘Tis the season to be jolly and what better way to celebrate than with a glorious 1v1 single-elimination tournament? eXodus eSports is proud to announce that on the 13th December we’ll be hosting December Deadlock – our contribution to the christmas season – where you do battle for a first place prize of £50 (~$78), with £20 (~$31) for the runner-up.

This is an open event; anyone can play and anyone can win. Team Genesis is in overdrive coming up with new systems, and every planet will be symmetrical and balanced in the way that only they know how. We’ll be launching these on the 11th December so you’ll get a little time to prepare, but only a little.

If you want to make sure you’re fully prepared, check out Clopsey 8 on the 6th December. It’s open to all and is a perfect way to hone your skills.

And if playing isn’t for you, then join us on the exodusesports.com livestream where ZaphodX and WPMarshall will be casting the games live from round 1 all the way through to the final. Make sure to vote for a winner each round, if you successfully vote for the winner you’ll be earning points which will prove useful at a later tournament.

Uber have also revealed some further information on how the Unit Cannon will function.

A change to the PTE and Jig nukes

Today Uber announced a change to the way the PTE environment works. In the past it has been big changes, big builds, and little time for community feedback. That all changes now, with more frequent builds planned but each bringing smaller changes. The first of these is expected to land tomorrow.

The planet below has been teased as something we can expect to see soon, symmetrical with hand placed and sized terrain features and metal spots.

Symmetrical Uber Planet Symmetrical Uber Planet

Uber wish to see how units interact on these hand-crafted maps and then begin the process of tweaking the balance.

Finally, Jigs are undergoing a change. Each time a Jig is destroyed it will explode with the force of a nuke. Area builds have been updated to account for this, and now you must choose, maximise your income in an easily defensible area or spread them out to avoid chain reactions. Unbalanced as hell or loads of fun? Check out the new PTE when it releases and be part of the process of shaping the future balance of the game.

Uber announce date for leaderboards

They’re expected to launch on the 28th November. Absolutely no additional information is available at this time!

It appears that Uber are still deciding whether to reset the ladder ranks once this launches. We at eXodus eSports also hope this will see a change in the map pool to using both a wider variety of biomes and sizes, as well as ones much better balanced than those available currently.

Until these launch we recommend you continue to use PA Stats and the PA Stats ladder for all your ranking needs.

Ranked play is live in stable release 74484

Uber have released build 74484. There are new custom commanders, modded games are displayed by default, but most importantly, ranked 1v1 matchmaking is now in the game. There were some initial hiccups, but they’ve now been resolved so get online and start matchmaking. I’ll see you in bronze!


  • Ranked with Matchmaking!
  • 1v1 ranked lobbies
  • Matchmaking
    • Unranked badge for use during preliminary matches
    • After 5 games, Ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Uber (with unique badges for each)

Planetary Annihilation Uber Matchmaking Ladder Ranking

  • New UI flow to support Ranked gameplay
  • Improved region selection dialog
  • 4 new Custom Commanders
  • Following are newly available for purchase
    • Chronoblip
    • Diremachine
    • Stickman9000

Stickman Diremachine Chronoblip


  • Server Browser shows modded as well as unmodded games by default
  • System import/export (save and load systems that others have created, allowing sharing)
  • Added tabs and work on redesign of System Editor
  • ChronoCam Time bar alerts now use team color when available
  • Added missing loc throughout the UI (still work in progress)
  • Metal planet pole cap and platform mapping improvements
  • Custom Commander texture work for one of our not for sale commanders


  • Bugfix that was causing servers to hang
  • Random bug fixes for perf and crashing
  • Toggling fullscreen via alt+enter now correctly updates the full screen setting
  • A number of additional server crash fixes
  • Update to localization tags that were showing up
  • Fix for building MEXs over MEXs
  • Fixed the matchmaking bug. 74525 is live. :) enjoy!

Known issues

  • Rank updates can take a bit to update
  • There is no notification sound if you happened to be tabbed away when game is ready
  • Will be doing a pass on systems being used for 1v1