Andreas G Casual 5 Legion – the day after

So yesterday we attempted to break the record for the largest tournament in Planetary Annihilation history, which was held by the Commander of March tournament at 53 participants, with the second largest being Clash of the TITANS, with 44.

Unfortunately we didn’t quite manage it. While we had 89 participants signed-up we only had 35 of them show up to play, giving us a no-show rate of 60%. I bring this up because this, amongst other things, caused some logistical issues which disrupted the event. Thankfully the feedback from players has still been incredibly positive, but I want to cover what we’re doing to address these issues in the future.



We have taken a mix of approaches to brackets in the past. Generally eXodus tournaments have marked no-shows as no-shows and given their opponent a bye, while non-eXodus tournaments trim the brackets, deleting the no-shows and recreating them, then reseeding. The line has become blurred these days to the point where every tournament is to some degree an eXodus tournament, but the divide in approaches remains between ones we stream ourselves and ones we don’t.

Yesterday I took the decision that we would just issues byes. I anticipated a no-show rate of around 30% and felt that while this would lead to some disruption in the first round, it would make it easier to get things started on time. It would also mean that late arrivals had a possibility of making it back into the tournament if their opponent hadn’t showed. While we ask that players arrive thirty minutes ahead of the starting time, the more casual the tournament the worse players are at doing this and we try to avoid unnecessarily penalising them. In addition I’ve seen numerous instances in past tournaments of a player being accidentally missed during bracket recreation and getting shut out from the tournament through no fault of their own.

In hindsight though this was a mistake. 60% no-show led to instances of players sitting around for long periods of time waiting for an opponent. If we did the tournament again I would trim the brackets. In the future we will likely adopt trims – and the risks that come with them – as a matter of course as player attendance at tournaments has proven too unreliable for byes to be a good system. This will also mean that late arrivals (those that arrive less than 30 minutes before start) are less likely to be allowed to participate.

PA Chat

There has been an intermittent global rollout of PA Chat to the Planetary Annihilation community. This has been great for fostering a feeling of community, but has led to us hitting the 100 player limit in the main chat room, after which point no one else can join. A new backend is being developed by mikeyh but was unfortunately not in place in time for the tournament due to external factors.

Anticipating the difficulties this would bring we updated our PA Chat guide, as well as the e-mail communication that went out to players, to provide an alternate recommend method for connecting to the patournaments room using the friends list.

PA Chat being full may have been a significant factor in the no show rate (or it might have been irrelevant), but beyond providing guides via our rules and e-mail communications highlighting workarounds there is not much more we can do here. The new backend will ultimately solve this problem.


No shows

60% no shows marks a record for eXodus eSports, and a personal disappointment for myself. The more no shows the greater the disruption and the later a tournament will start. While some players were kind enough to let us know they wouldn’t be attending through the withdrawal system, most did not. We will be reaching out to them to try and identify why they didn’t attend and see if we can do anything to improve attendance in the future.

We also have some players leave during the tournament. Sometimes life gets in the way, we understand. All we ask is that you try and ensure you’ve blocked out a window in accordance with the tournament’s estimated running time (we’re getting very good at these), and you let event staff know you have to leave before you go. It just makes our lives easier.


The clarity of the rules has also been tricky for us, trying to ensure they cover every situation while also being clear and concise. We think we’ve done a pretty good job, but we recognise that we need to do more. One area to be addressed is that we use a general set of rules across all 1v1 tournaments, but this is not necessarily suitable for our casual events which operate according to some slightly more relaxed rules in certain areas. We’ll be doing a pass over the rules to improve their alignment to the instructions given on the day.

In many instances though we find people have not read the rules at all, leading to questions like “What is Legion and how do I get it?”. We already highlight rules on the tournament page and in e-mail communications, but we’ll look to see if the sign-up page can highlight it too. At the end of the day if players don’t read the instructions we provide there’s not a lot we can do.

If you found any rules difficult to understand, confusing, or in conflict with the guidance provided during the tournament, we’d love to hear from you!



One area we overlooked was not accounting for numerous players not understanding that a double-elimination means that a loss does not mean the end of their tournament. In the future we’ll include a summary of the tournament type on the tournament page.


Despite all this, and an initial delay in getting things running, player feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We appreciate you all being incredibly patient during the initial delays, and we certainly don’t intend this to be the last casual. We’ll crack that 53 player barrier yet!

The biggest PA tournament ever is about to begin

We’re less than four hours out from the largest tournament in Planetary Annihilation history, with 89 players signed up to the Andreas G Casual 5 Legion. We’ve got 96 slots and hopefully we’ll fill them all, and if you’re interested you can still sign-up. The Pro’s will be having their own event, but today it’s all about the Casual.

If you’re not playing then you can find links to the various streams that will be running on the tournament’s page.

We wanted to take this opportunity to draw your attention to a nifty little playlist g0hst has put together, which walks you through all the maps featured in today’s tournament. Check it out and perhaps it will give you the edge you need.

Good luck everyone!

Andreas G Casual/Pro tournaments this weekend

The week has only just begun but we’re already looking ahead to Saturday, and it’s going to be a glorious day with not one but two tournaments. And I suspect every game will be higher quality than the Euro 2016 final just gone.

For those not familiar with the Casual/Pro format we host two sets of 1v1 double-elimination brackets. The Pro tournament is open only to players ranked Platinum or Uber, while the Casual tournament is for players ranked Gold or lower. The idea is to allow those of you who just want to have some fun games to come along and play in a tournament without worrying your first round opponent will be Qzipco. There’s no pressure, no stakes, it’s just all good fun. And because it’s double-elimination you’re guaranteed a minimum of two games. You might even get your game cast too!

We got some feedback following the last tournament that some casual players were intimidated by some of the players signing up. To fix that we’ve split the tournaments in two right from the start, rather than shuffling players around on the way.

Head over to the tournament page and submit your name now. We’ll see you on Saturday!

Countdown to a Casual Saturday

This Saturday we’re running the Andreas G 4 Casual tournament. What’s a casual? It’s an opportunity for players who may not be among the top ranks of the game to get a chance to shine. All players are welcome, but with enough sign-ups we split platinum and uber players into their own brackets.

Andreas G 4 Casual Legion

If you’ve ever wanted to be in a tournament, have your games cast, get people cheering for you on stream, then this is the tournament to join. Regardless of your ability there’s good fun to be had, and as a double-elimination tournament you’re guaranteed two games minimum. Who knows, perhaps it will be you in the final?

This particular casual is a Legion casual. This means you can play either as the MLA (the original faction) or the Legion. Twice the choice, so there’s bound to be something to suit your style of play. If you haven’t heard of the Legion then check out our article on the Legion Expansion.

Want to see what a casual looks liket? Check out the previous tournament, Andreas G 3 Casual, and have a look at some of the VODs.

All Big Brother VODs available

In mid-may the Big Brother tournament was held, courtesy of River. This followed in the footsteps of the Clopsey Pro-Am where a high-skilled player of the platinum/uber rank was paired up with a player of lower skill. Over six rounds of Swiss the battles were fought and River captured six action packed matches.

These matches are now all available on the videos page, along with some POV videos from one of the teams that partook.

First Legion tournament this Saturday

We hope by now that you are aware of the Legion Expansion, the new faction for Planetary Annihilation. While its still in beta at the moment, this Saturday’s SuperCommander will be a Legion tournament. You will be free to choose between either MLA or Legion.

This tournament is open to all, but to participate you will need to be running the PTE. That’s basically a beta patch for Planetary Annihilation. See our PTE guide for information, in particular step 10 which is necessary for you to see the servers that will be used for this tournament.

If you’re not playing then check out the tournament sidebar for details of the streams you’ll be able to watch the action on.

Super Commander Legion1

Big Brother Tournament Videos

So you may be aware that on Saturday the Big Brother tournament was hosted, courtesy of River. This event was a 2v2 swiss, with the twist that each team could only have one platinum or higher ranked player. You might remember this twist from the Clopsey Pro-Am event.

Big Brother Poster

Thanks to this unique setup we saw a lot of very evenly matched teams fighting in incredibly close matches. These matches were covered by River himself who cast the entire tournament, as well as a few players who captured their own point-of-view.

The first two videos have already gone up and more will follow over the course of the week, so check in or grab the eXodus eSports in-game mod to keep track of the video feed.

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Casual VODs everywhere!

As you saw a few days ago we have now been joined by Andreas G. This was off the back of two tournaments he organised, the Andreas G Casual 3 and the Andreas G Pro 3. These two tournaments were very different in terms of players, but both provided some spectacular games. River and g0hst were there to capture the action and both have uploaded casts of the games they saw.

AndreasG Casual Logo

Every game that was cast is now available here at eXodus eSports. Hop over to the videos page to see them all, or to the casual matches or pro matches page to pick out the match you want. We think you’ll find there are some real gems in there. And don’t worry about spoilers on the matches page, everything past the first round is hidden unless you specifically turn on spoilers at the top of your screen.

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Three Tournaments Open For Sign-Up

Three, yep you read it right, three tournaments are currently open for sign-ups.

AndreasG Casual Logo

This Saturday we have AndreasG Casual, a tournament designed to cater to lower skill levels. It’s 1v1, but double-elimination. If there are enough sign-ups there’ll be a special bronze to gold bracket. There’s even a TeamSpeak server for people to sign into and it’s intended to be as casual a tournament as it’s possible to hold.

Super Commander Weekly Featured

Then the following week we have Weekly 14 of the long running SuperCommander series. Again, this is 1v1 but single-elimination and is intended to separate the best from the rest. Our very own King of the Planet Oxide Ion has been dominating this contest, but is the week he’ll be defeated?

Clan Wars Showdown 2Finally on the 23rd April we have Clan Wars Showdown 2. It’s been a year since the last one, but the scene is more active than ever and it’s time to sort out once more who’s the most organised, disciplined and generally skilled clan around. Without any cap on the number of teams a clan can field anyone interested can play.

It’s a great time for Planetary Annihilation TITANS and there’s something for everyone here. We hope to see you in one of them.

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VODs! I see VODs!

OK, I’ll be honest, we’ve been a little behind in linking up some of the tournament casts that have happened recently. But no more! Rising to the challenge like the titan that I am, Clopsey 12 and Clopsey 13 now have videos for every match that has found its way to YouTube.

The Bad Bot Buddies tournament was this past Saturday and we ran two separate casts to maximise the number of games covered. And there were some great games. Make sure to check back as we’ll have a new game from the tournament up every day, and the first has gone up today.

If you’re a caster who has been putting up videos for PA tournaments and we haven’t linked them, then let us know. We never say no to more videos. SuperCommander Weekly 13 is this coming Saturday and it’s open to all casters, so contact PRoeleert if you want to cast some games.

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