Catch-up with the action from The Lord’s Annual

It was a 09:00 UTC start, perfectly suited for its primarily Australasia teams and absolutely terrible for almost everyone else. Thankfully G0hst, LuckyRed and Beerforkids were present to the capture all the action for those of us still sleeping in our beds.

Watch as ten teams of three battle for 30 AUD across an exciting variety of maps, courtesy of Guest1. VODs of the matches are available over on The Lord’s Annual tournament matches page, just look for the YouTube symbol, or visit the videos’ archive.

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Clan Wars Season One ends on a high

This news post will contain spoilers as to the winner of Clan Wars season one, so if you haven’t caught up with all the latest matches then switch across to the videos section now.

The first season of Clan Wars has come to an end with some fantastic matches as Team Burning took on Voices of War and PA Gods faced off against Promethean. PA Gods vs. Promethean [Home] was awarded Showcase Match status, joining only the only two other games to be given this eXodus award: Team Burning [Home] vs. The Realm and PA Gods [Home] vs. Voices of War.

Planetary Annihilation The RealmCongratulations go to The Realm who not only fielded the largest roster, but also walked away with the honour of being league champions defeating favourites PA Gods. The Realm came better prepared with rumours of arduous drills, practices and selection games run by [RLM]burntcustard. But it was a clan victory, and many Realm names were seen, some old and some new, all contributing towards first place. The final standings can be seen on the Clan Wars tournament page with almost every position up for grabs in the final games.

A hearty well done to everyone who took part and helped make Clan Wars such a successful event. Conceived as an idea in August 2014 and launched that same month, we never anticipated it would be as successful as it was, generating a lot of discussion across forums, leading a far more clan activity and resulting in the largest player sign up of any Planetary Annihilation tournament to-date.

There have been ups and downs and not everyone made it to the finish line, but we feel the end result made it all worthwhile. So thanks to both players and viewers for helping to make Clan Wars season one great. We don’t have information about season two at this time, but stay tuned. Until then check out our next tournament, Evil Twins, which is still open for sign-ups, as well as DarkSteel’s Orbital Warfare Mayhem mod tournament.

Planetary Annihilation Evil Twins Tournament

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Epic action kickstarts Clan Wars season 1

Clan Wars The Realm vs. PA Gods background

Yesterday the oldest and largest of the Planetary Annihilation clans, The Realm, faced off against a clan which only recruits from the top ten – PA Gods. It was always destined to be an epic confrontation, but proved to be one which pushed the game to its very limits. A clash of philosophies ensued, with PA Gods plotting four 1v1s on homogeneous moons, while The Realm had a far more diverse home system and a plan which relied on strong teamwork and outthinking their opponents.

PA Gods went in the favourites but it was The Realm who emerged victorious, grabbing four of the six possible points and taking an early lead in the league.

For those of you who weren’t able to join us to watch it live, the VODs are already being added to the Clan Wars match pages.

But we’re not stopping there, we have a long season ahead of us and plenty more games to come. On the 27th September Team Burning will face Promethean, and on the 11th October it is the turn of newcomers The Cult to tackle Voices of War. Keep checking back for more information and we hope to have you with us, watching the games and interviews as they happen.

Explaining the Clopsey7 final build

There was a lot of confusion over the build used by the winner of the final match of Clopsey7. Thankfully the player behind it has chosen to explain in some detail his reasoning.

This article will contain spoilers as to the result of Clopsey7, so if you didn’t see it live and you’re waiting on the VODs read no further.

Ok, so the meta has evolved alot since the last time i posted on build orders and i wanted to explain game 3 against clopse because i saw on zaphods twitch chat alot of confused people. To do that I need to quickly explain all about build orders in this patch.

Build orders are characterized by the number of fabbers you build. If you build 1 fabber, you are doing this for the quick 4 factories + late 2nd fabber on pgens, which will help you snowball into the midgame. The 1 fabber build puts you up about 60% more material over a 3 fabber dox build (e.g. 80 dox to 50 dox) but starts evening out around 5 minutes or so – it is designed to give you barely enough metal to support your early factory spam. Keep this in mind as it will become relevant later on here.

If you build 3 fabbers, you are doing 2 on mex expand, 1 on pgens. This is your macro build, which means you are only doing 2 factories to start before sinking time into 3 pgens before your factory spam. This will outspend and eventually win against the 1 fabber build if you can defend early game. I already made a video on this build so if you’re still not sure what exactly i mean, you should probably watch it first at here. This build should also easily beat out any possible vehicle build with good control and awareness.

If you build 2 fabbers, you are going for 3 factory start before pgens. This is not a good build because it is not good at anything in particular. The advantage of having a third fabber on pgen like in the macro 3 fabber build is not worth trading out for the unit advantage you get from 3 factories vs 2. It is worth trading out for the unit advantage you get from 4 factories vs 2 however.

To get into explaining game 3 of the clopsey final, should start by stating that 1 fabber vehicle build is stronger than 1 fabber dox build. Why? Because the advantage of dox is to contain in the early game and outmacro the vehicle player. You cannot transition into an outmacro build from a 1 fabber bot build however. Not without seriously compromising your unit count (you will be spending time on pgens to get up +fabbers), which will lead to you getting overrun by tanks. 1 fabber dox is arguably the best against other dox builds, but is not good against 1 fabber vehicle builds. This is why I was confident in going vehicles against clopse because he did exactly that.

However, I was unlucky to be expanding towards clopse, which meant his dox reached my fabber just barely before it would usually have enough tanks guarding it to prevent exactly this kind of snipe. The 1 fabber vehicle build is still generally solid. Just defend your fabber and be confident in knowing that your opponent has exactly the same ammount of eco as you – you’re not behind. Wait for him to become impatient and make mistakes, then counter attack and win the game. For the vehicle doubters, just rewatch the game on zaphod’s twitch vod page and you will see that clopse should have been relatively the same metal income as me throughout the game.

TL;DR 1 fabber vehicles is favoured against 1 fabber bots. 3 fabber bots is favoured against 1 fabber vehicles. 1 fabber bots is favoured against 3 fabber bots. 0 fabber of anything is just cheese.

Elodea has previously written eXodus a guide on the superb opening he used in King of the Planet 9.

King of the Planet #9 was short but dramatic

Both Matiz and elodea had been practicing all week for it, then on Saturday night Uber dropped a bombshell: a new patch with a new meta.

People thought the changes to Dox would lead to them dominating the game, and initial impressions appear to be that this is true. Certainly it was a war of Dox, with Dox raids, Dox defence and Dox aggression. Orbital also managed to play a key part of the final outcome for the first time in King of the Planet history.

But where the variety lacked in the unit selection it was more than made up for in the maps. We had multi-planet, we had moons, we had water, we even got the rarely seen metal biome.

In the end it was elodea’s greater experience with Dox which won out and caused a 3-0 landslide in under an hour. Matiz was better prepared than he was for King of the Planet #8, but it was for a meta which no longer existed. He describes his experience as King of the Planet and his hopes for the future of Planetary Annihilation in this final interview.

VODs will be uploaded over the course of the week.

Cloak and Danger ends with an amazing finale

Uber’s second official Planetary Annihilation tournament, Cloak and Danger, come to a close on Friday with one of the best games seen in tournament play yet. There were alliances, betrayals, backstabbing and massive explosions. It was glorious.

Our congratulations go to KISEL who won a convincing victory and takes away an Armalisk commander. We look forward to seeing it on the battlefield.

If you didn’t see this great event live then be sure to check out the recordings of the games over on the tournament’s matches page.

Steam Daily Deal defeats King of the Planet 7

It was the first multi-planet King of the Planet. It was the first King of the Planet to have three casters. I think everyone could agree it was probably the most amusing King of the Planet yet. King PAG_Matiz and Uber’s Community Manager bradnicholson, the self-declared best player the game has ever seen, squared off for the crown, but neither could defeat the might of the Steam daily deal which brought the event to a premature close when Ubernet could no longer cope with the demand and failed to spawn additional lobbies.

PAG_Matiz managed to hold onto his crown in a 2-0 victory, with the third game resulting in our first ever draw as the king teleported his commander onto the planet which he was smashing a moon into. A fabulous way to bring the event to a close.

We were very happy with the way multi-planetary systems panned out and the confusion it brought for at least one of our players. It hasn’t been a big element of 1v1 play, but hopefully that will begin to change. Expect to see it return.

Another challenger is already lined up, so expect an announcement soon and join us for more exciting King of the Planet!

Community Cup Prizes

Thanks to everyone who turned up to the Community Cup tournament! Great turnout and some great games were played.
5 PA keys were given out to players and viewers.

Congratulations go to our top two players who both get a PA key:
1st Milkdragon
2nd Mot9001

One random entrant into the tournament was also selected for a PA key, congratulations to:

Finally, we gave out two keys to our livestream viewers:

Thanks to the players and the viewers. If you missed any of the action then the videos will be up here on the eXodus site this week.

Stay tuned to the site to watch King of the Planet #6 and hear about our next tournament to be announced!

CONGRATS To The New King of the Planet…

… who’s the same as the old King of the Planet!!! PAG_Matiz holds his position as king with a 3-2 victory over the challenger, [RLM] burntcustard.

We want to thank everyone who showed up to watch and cheer for their favorite player. It was a set of close, intense games, and we even managed to break our viewership records with 350+ unique viewers. You can find all sorts of info, including individual matches and results, at the event’s official page. You can also discuss the event on the Uberent forums here.

Congratulations once again to PAG_Matiz. THE KING LIVES, LONG LIVE THE KING!!