The balance is changing – be part of the process

  • Date: 5th December, 2014
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Uber have released PTE 75771. In line with the new way in which the PTE is to be used, it contains a number of balance changes for the community to experiment with. Remember, nothing below is final, it’s for you to try out and provide feedback on.

There will be some custom games testing possible ranked maps today at 1830 UTC. These games will be hosted by Uber’s tvinita.


  • Naval Factory
    • Build Cooldown decreased to 3.5 from 8
    • Size decreased by 25%
  • Advanced Naval Factory
    • Build Cooldown decreased to 6 from 20
    • Size decreased by 25%
  • Frigate
    • Move Speed increased to 8 from 7
    • Acceleration decreased to 20 from 70
    • Brake increased to 80 from 70
    • Shell RoF increased to 3 seconds from 2 seconds
    • Shell effects changed to match the destroyer shells.
    • Size decreased by 25%
  • Destroyer
    • Move Speed increased to 7 from 6
    • Acceleration decreased to 20 from 60
    • Brake increased to 70 from 60
    • Health increased to 1500 from 1000
    • Shell damage increased to 50 from 40
    • Torpedo velocity increased to 75 from 60
    • Size decreased by 25%
  • Scout Ship (now Gunboat)
    • Health decreased to 75 from 100
    • Metal cost decreased to 150 from 300
    • Vision radius increased to 150 from 100
    • Acceleration decreased to 100 from 200
    • Rename to Gunboat
  • Battleship
    • Move Speed increased to 7 from 6
    • Acceleration decreased to 20 from 60
    • Brake increased to 70 from 60
    • Size decreased by 25%
  • Missile Ship
    • Move Speed increased to 7 from 6
    • Acceleration decreased to 20 from 60
    • Brake increased to 70 from 60
    • Size decreased by 25%
  • Pelter
    • Health increased to 500 from 450
    • Metal Cost decreased to 900 from 1500
  • Single Barrel Laser Tower
    • Health decreased to 500 from 750
    • Metal Cost decreased to 225 from 300
  • Laser Tower
    • Metal Cost decreased to 450 from 350
  • Flak Cannon
    • Metal Cost decreased to 900 from 1600
    • Health increased to 2000 from 1000
  • Holkins
    • Ammo Capacity and Ammo Per Shot reduced to 37,500 from 400,000, dramatically reducing the energy required for a shot.
    • Ammo Demand reduced to 2,500 from 20,000, dramatically reducing its energy draw per second.
    • Rate of Fire effectively increased by above stats to 1 per 15 seconds from 1 per 20 seconds.
  • Bomber
    • Turn rate increased to 110 from 75
  • All ground based AA will now prioritize bombers and gunships
  • All air based AA will now prioritize fighters


  • Secondary colors are now choosable
  • Unit cannon added to game (in a very rough state)
  • If you build it too close to other structures, units could explode as they are fired. Should be fixed next build.
  • Custom start spots now available in System Editor
  • default keys are: (can be changed under settings)
    • G to place
    • J to remove
    • This is first pass on this and it has issues with symmetry if you add start spots and then select symmetrical start spots.
  • Auto-economy is now an optional state (will auto shut off the building if running it will take you negative)
  • This will turn itself back on once economy recovers.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash for out of game match notifications on Linux
  • Fixed disconnected icon in game
  • Fix for extra economy ticks
  • Fix for Bombers being able to sit above targets and bomb
  • Fixed Bombers clearing their focus target when attack order is cancelled
  • Fix for units not being at max health when a fabber with high build rate assists
  • and to note one more time.. this build will be more unstable and less polished than our previous PTE. please keep this in mind when playing, as you will run into issues.

A change to the PTE and Jig nukes

Today Uber announced a change to the way the PTE environment works. In the past it has been big changes, big builds, and little time for community feedback. That all changes now, with more frequent builds planned but each bringing smaller changes. The first of these is expected to land tomorrow.

The planet below has been teased as something we can expect to see soon, symmetrical with hand placed and sized terrain features and metal spots.

Symmetrical Uber Planet Symmetrical Uber Planet

Uber wish to see how units interact on these hand-crafted maps and then begin the process of tweaking the balance.

Finally, Jigs are undergoing a change. Each time a Jig is destroyed it will explode with the force of a nuke. Area builds have been updated to account for this, and now you must choose, maximise your income in an easily defensible area or spread them out to avoid chain reactions. Unbalanced as hell or loads of fun? Check out the new PTE when it releases and be part of the process of shaping the future balance of the game.

Ranked play is live in PTE 74358 [UPDATED]

PTE 74358-main has gone live and jables has the details for us. It’s available through both the Uber launcher (switch to the PTE build) and Steam (opt-in to the PTE beta).

Please be sure to disable PA Stats while using this build as it produces broken data.

We’re adding known issues as they’re identified.


  • Ranked with Matchmaking!
    • 1v1 ranked lobbies
    • Matchmaking
    • Unranked badge for use during preliminary matches
    • After 5 games, Ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Uber (with unique badges for each)
    • New UI flow to support Ranked gameplay
    • Improved region selection dialog
  • 4 new Custom Commanders
    • Following are newly available for purchase (see below for images)
      • Chronoblip (I believe new since last update)
      • Diremachine
      • Stickman9000

Chronoblip Diremachine Stickman


  • Server Browser shows modded as well as unmodded games by default
  • System import/export (save and load systems that others have created, allowing sharing)
  • Added tabs and work on redesign of System Editor
  • ChronoCam Time bar alerts now use team color when available
  • Added missing loc throughout the UI (still work in progress)
  • Metal planet pole cap and platform mapping improvements
  • Custom Commander texture work for one of our not for sale commanders


  • Bugfix that was causing servers to hang
  • Random bug fixes for perf and crashing
  • Toggling fullscreen via alt+enter now correctly updates the full screen setting

Known issues

  • Rank updates can take a bit to update
  • There is no notification sound if you happened to be tabbed away when game is ready
  • Will be doing a pass on systems being used for 1v1
  • Game count is currently broken
  • Right now the update to your rank can be delayed. At the end of a game the rank you see is often the rank you started the game with and not your new rank. Even after you return to the main menu it might still show the old rank. This is something being worked on.


74416-main has been pushed to PTE. It includes:

  • A number of additional server crash fixes
  • Update to localization tags that were showing up
  • Gaf system has been removed from 1v1 Matchmaking
  • Removed Game Count / Players in Game stats
  • Fix for building MEXs over MEXs
  • Added a re-queue button to the end of matches and make sure provisional ranking status shows up the first time you play as well

Local offline servers arrive in PTE 73687 [UPDATE: This is now live as release build 73737]

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the offline server has been released, albeit only in PTE for the time being. If you’re using the Uber launcher just choose PTE, while Steam users can opt into the PTE as a beta through the properties of Planetary Annihilation in their library.

Creating Planetary Annihilation Offline Server Game Planetary Annihilation Offline Server Settings

Additional build notes for PTE:


  • Significant changes and improvements to


  • Turned off the idle timer for local games.
  • Turns off local server when use is not “recommended”. Current threshold is 4+ cores & 8+GB memory. (Matches our Steam recommended spec.)
  • The server is 64-bit only. Due to memory restrictions and a number of other technical roadblocks, there is no 32-bit server version. (This only affects Windows, since Windows is the only platform that still supports a 32-bit client)
  • The spec that the server looks for to run locally is the same as our recommended spec – 8GB of RAM and quad core. You can override this by setting Local Server to “On”, which means it will try and use a local server for everything – except online hosted games, which still go through Uber’s online server management.

System Editor

  • Planets now look exactly the same in game as they do in the system editor.
  • Metal spot placement now looks exactly the same in game as it does in the system editor.


  • Spectator UI upgrades
  • System editor UI polish

Modders have already uncovered how to use this limited release to create locally hosted servers which are advertised to the Internet, not just the local LAN. In addition, many other discoveries are being made, such as…

Planetary Annihilation Maximum Player Limit

As with anything released into PTE, this is for testing purposes, therefore don’t be surprised if you run into issues. I tested the local offline server capabilities in a 10-way AI FFA game on the Uber system of Karachkina, which consists of one lava planet an eight moons. At the thirty minute mark the server was using 2GB RAM (in addition to the RAM used by the client), and the sim was running smoothly with no slowdowns.

A few new custom commander models have been spotted in this build as well, one of which will be making its way to the Armory.

Quadruped Twoboots CommanderRaptor Iwmiked CommanderImperial Gnugfur CommanderImperial Chronoblip Commander

UPDATE: This is now live as release build 73737.

Offline mode coming 9th October and there’s a new PTE

That’s right, Uber Entertainment have set a date, on the 9th October they will be releasing offline mode for Planetary Annihilation.

Online? Offline? However you want to play Planetary Annihilation, it’s your choice. Starting this week, you can take your battles completely offline.

We’re happy to announce the release of the offline server. Coming in an update this Thursday (October 9), offline server allows you to take over the galaxy in Galactic War without connecting to the Internet. You can also battle against your frenemies or the AI over a LAN.

DRM free offline play has always been an important feature of the Planetary Annihilation experience. Down the road, we’ll be adding the ability to run your own online servers as well.

As we’ve said in the past, launch is simply another phase of development and the beginning of another adventure. Look forward to another update on an exciting in-development feature in the near future.

If you’ve been promising to pledge $2 to Human Resources when Uber deliver certain game elements, it’s time to break out your wallet. And keep it open because there’s a new PTE which hits a few items on that list too. That’s right, Uber have spent two months implementing big improvements to the pathfinding system. Map editors rejoice as well because landing zone previews are now also available.

As we prepare for offline/lan servers, we have a number of new changes that could use some extra eyes on / hands on playing.

One of the most notable is a major change to our pathing system. This has been almost two months in the work, with multiple people offering their knowledge and expertise. It should have the combined impact of improving pathing reliability, performance, and enjoyability of the game. I’ll get more detailed notes out later, but that is the primary focus.

The servers are still coming online, but in the meantime, if you want to get patched up, please do! I’ll also be setting this to PTE on Steam for people who play through there!