PTE 94638 released

  • Date: 27th May, 2016
  • Category: PTE
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Uber have put out another PTE. This might be the last one before it’s released to stable, fingers crossed and all that. We’ve summarised the changes for you, and while we reported last time that the fix for lobbies with an unjoinable slot had been fixed, it has definitely been fixed this time.

There are still no PTE servers, so for the Legion Expansion players among you your games still need to occur on local servers with the AI. Or a custom server running PTE if you fancy setting one up. Once PTE goes to stable Legion will be playable on Uber’s servers once again.

Feedback and bug reports should go in the official thread.


  1. Reworked replay_loading to support server mods in replays and saved games (first pass)
  2. Added metal spots count to planets in live game
  3. Fixed look at player for spectators, minor focus issues and added right click for PIP
  4. Added additional planet info to selected system in new game lobby
  5. Fixed fix for can’t join empty slot issue

Full changelog

Reworked replay_loading to support server mods in replays and saved games (first pass):

  • added pageSubTitle for detailed status
  • added gameModIdentifiers for server mods used in replay
  • added mods_info handler hook for community mods to load companion mods
  • added downloading_mod_data handler to show downloading server mods status
  • removed unused request_config and mod_msg_sv_ccl_set_replay_config handlers
  • added busy animation in connect_to_game
  • reworked sequence of events to support server mods in replays and saved games:
    • wait for replay to fully load with server mods info
    • process replay config
    • wait for client to connect and send first heartbeat from replay_loading
    • send mods info to client
    • wait for send_mods request from client (allows client to mount missing companion mods)
    • send mods to client with downloadModsFromServer
    • wait for mod_data received
    • send any cooked files to memory mount
    • wait for memory_files_received
    • generate armies
    • create sim from replay
    • move to playing state
  • added mods_info client message sent when replay is fully loaded and client sends heartbeat from replay_loading
  • added send_mods handler when client is ready to download server mods and any cooked files
  • added mod_data_received handler when server mods have been download and mounted on client

Added metal spots count to planets in live game

  • added display of metal spots count to tooltip in planets summary
  • reduced size of planets summary tooltip to minimise overlap with preview
  • added metal spots count to planet list with localised metal tooltip
  • reduced height of planets list for large systems with many planets
  • exposed PlanetModel for modding
  • exposed planetThrusterString for modding

Fixed look at player for spectators, minor focus issues and added right click for PIP:

  • fixed missing look at player for spectators
  • added right click show in PIP using lookAtPlayerIfKnownInPIP
  • changed track commander to use new track_commander handler in live game
  • added right click to track commander in PIP
  • added track_commander handler and trackCommander with optional holodeck to live game
  • added primary holodeck focus when handling planet clicks in live game
  • added primary holodeck focus when selecting sun in live game
  • added primary holodeck focus on commander spawn in live game
  • added updating of existing game options so observables can be used by mods in live game
  • tweaked showAlertPreview to support multiple PIPs

Added additional planet info to selected system in new game lobby:

  • fixed and deleted old lobbyId observable in new_game
  • added planet radius, metal / custom metal, custom landing and custom csg in a tooltip
  • added planetTooltip for modding
  • added halleys required icon
  • exposed process system for modding
  • exposed processSystemPlayersText for modding
  • exposed processSystemPlayersCSS for modding
  • fixed editable econ rate for players
  • added highlight to econ rate when not 1.0

Fixed fix for can’t join empty slot issue

PTE 94533 released

  • Date: 20th May, 2016
  • Category: PTE
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I’m sure I’m not alone in being excited for the PTE patch to hit stable and for all Planetary Annihilation players to benefit from its changes. However, it’s not quite ready. But that’s OK because the latest batch of changes have just been released and they include some rather essential fixes, including one for the long standing issue of the last slot in a lobby becoming broken.

Full changelog is below. The patch notes are also available on Uber’s forum. This patch builds on the changes introduced in PTE 94243 and PTE 94157

Reworked uploading of server mods and added server browser hook

  • moved uploading of server mods by host into connect_to_game which fixes many issues with the new game lobby loading without server mods ready and the freezes while server mods are uploading and remounting
  • added needsServerModsUpload for hosts starting a game or joining a waiting custom server
  • added serverModsUploading while uploading and remounting server mods
  • changed server_state handler to upload server mods if needed before redirecting to new_game
  • added mount_mod_file_data handler to remount server mods once uploaded then redirect to new_game
  • added hook for community mods to server_browser.js (will be used to show missing companion mods prior to joining or spectating games)

Fixed game over server freeze while writing replay

  •  fixed server mods not mounted by client in replays
  • added downloading_mod_data client message once replay file is loaded
  • added client.downloadModsFromServer once replay file is loaded
  • fixed server freeze 30 seconds after game over while replay is being written which prevents chat, stats, review, etc
  • removed writing of replay after 30 seconds
  • added REPLAY_TIMEOUT defaulting to 10 minutes to main
  • added –replay-timeout command line option to set REPLAY_TIMEOUT on custom servers
  • added write replay after REPLAY_TIMEOUT seconds even if all clients not disconnected (allows enough time for chat, stats, review, etc)
  • added REPLAY_FILENAME with default of empty for Uber servers
  • added –replay-filename command line option to set REPLAY_FILENAME on custom and local servers
  • changed game_over to use REPLAY_FILENAME if provided
  • added UTCTIMESTAMP option for REPLAY_FILENAME to automatically name replays on custom servers

Fixes for landing crash and can’t join game with revised colour table (work in progress)

  •  Fixed long standing can’t join game with empty slots issue caused by ubernet player disconnecting from lobby without leaving and calling removePlayerFromGame.
  • Added disconnected to removePlayer.
  • Added remove_disconnected_player message for host with ticket of player to be removed from game.
  • Revised colour table (work in progress).
  • Added helpers getRandomSecondaryColorIndexFor and self.getNextSecondaryColorIndexFor to colour manager.
  • Fixed null secondary colour in setPrimaryColorIndex with different numbers of secondary colours per primary colour and secondary colour no longer valid.
  • Changed setPrimaryColorIndex to use getRandomSecondaryColorIndexFor helper if secondary colour no longer valid.
  • Added mod_identifiers to ladder beacon.

Fixes for can’t join last game, empty systems and copyright info / layout.

  •  Fixed long standing can’t join game with empty slots issue caused by ubernet player disconnecting from lobby without leaving and calling removePlayerFromGame.
  • Added remove_disconnected_player handler which calls removePlayerFromGame for disconnected player in lobby.
  • Fixed buildVersion not in new_game model.
  • Updated copyright in start to include full time period and rights for Uber.
  • Tweaked start layout of copyright, watermarks and view intro button.
  • Added save to storage extenders.

PTE 94243 launches with further modding and game enhancements

  • Date: 2nd May, 2016
  • Category: PTE
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The PTE (public test environment) has been updated once more and comes with a lot of low level updates. If you’re a modder then this is all very exciting, and if you’re not then this means you can expect cooler mods in the future. Even if you don’t use mods a lot of the updates will help produce a better game experience for you.

Highlights in this PTE are fixes for the issues that plagued Linux users in the initial PTE, as well as support for custom Commanders. Yep, modders can now add new Commanders for you.

This is the beginning of a longer journey, but try out the PTE and we think you’ll agree it’s a huge improvement. Not sure how to load a PTE? Check out our guide on getting the PTE.

Custom servers and lobby chat history

  • added lobby chat history so hosts never lose messages when selecting system and new players joining lobby see recent chat history with MAX_LOBBY_CHAT_HISTORY of 100
  • added support for custom JSON messages in new lobby (will also add to playing)
  • added DEFAULT_LOBBY_NAME command line option
  • added DEFAULT_GAME_TYPE command line option
  • added some getMods helpers to server_utils
  • changed lobby beacon to use getModsForBeacon helper
  • changed empty beacon to use getModsForBeacon helper
  • added downloading_mod_data client message using getModsPayload helper
  • changed mount_mod_file_data to return mods using getModsPayload helper
  • added some uberId support for custom servers (work in progress)

Custom commanders in server mods

  • added custom commander support for server mods via commander_list.json and unit_list.json (both will be managed files in a future update to community mods)
  • changed commander utility to allow updates from server mods
  • added update of commanders in new game lobby when server mods are mounted
  • added update of commanders in new game cinematic when server mods are mounted

Connect to game

  • added downloading server mods message

New game lobby

  • added lobby chat history so hosts never lose messages when selecting system and new players joining lobby see recent chat history
  • changed gameType to use session (will now remember last selection)
  • added server mods status for hosts (uploading/downloading/mounting)
  • improved UI display of server mods and cheats (first pass)
  • added server mod description tooltips
  • deprecated combined updateActiveModAndCheatText
  • added updateMountedServerMods which is only called when changed
  • added updateActiveCheatText (may change to allow tooltips)
  • added setupAISkirmish for mods
  • replaced handleAISkirmishInitRule and exposed as checkAISkirmish for mods
  • added buildVersion
  • added isLocalGame, serverType and serverSetup from connect_to_game
  • added gameModIdentifiers set in connect_to_game from beacons, invites, etc which UI mods can use to determine what server mods will be mounted
  • added serverMods with the full modinfo from engine
  • added localChatMessage for mods
  • added mods message type
  • added serverModsState and serverModsStatus for upload / download / mount status for hosts and mods
  • added registerJsonMessageHandler and unregisterJsonMessageHandler for mods to send custom JSON messages via server
  • added registerHoldReady and unregisterHoldReady for mods to prevent ready
  • changed aiPersonalities to observable (breaking change and already handled by Queller AI)-

Live game chat

  • added spectator label for spectator only chat (first pass)
    added check to prevent sending empty invalid chat messages


  • changed api.mods.getMounted to return array (breaking change from previous PTE)
  • changed api.mods.publishServerMods to return a promise
  • changed api.mods.sendModFileDataToServer to return a promise
  • changed api.mods.mountModFileData to return a promise


  • fixed annoying white flash in player guide
  • improved tooltip visibility with an arrow you can actually see
  • changed gameModIdentifiers to observableArray

Bugfixes/polish items:

  • Fix for startup crash on Linux related to file case issues.

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PTE 94157 released featuring built-in mod manager

We have a guide on how to install a PTE version of Planetary Annihilation before it receives wider release.

It has been a while since the last Planetary Annihilation update, but Uber, eXodus eSports member mikeyh and wondible have been quietly working away in the background to prepare this new release. And what a release, featuring one of the most requested features by the community: an integrated mod manager. No longer will mods be tucked away in PA Mod Manager (PAMM), known only to a sub-section of the community. Finally they’re front-and-centre, having an equal position on the main menu with everything else.

Planetary Annihilation TITANS PTE 94132 Community Mods

This also brings other benefits, the biggest of which is auto-updating. No need to ensure you have the latest and greatest, the game does all that for you now.

So grab the PTE and check out this new feature, along with the other tweaks, bug fixes and performance improvements it brings. Just make sure to uninstall your mods in PAMM first, then reinstall them via the Community Mods section. If you encounter any bugs or other issues you first stop should be the PA Support Wiki.

The full release notes are below.

Community Mods in game mod manager

No external application required.

  • added community mods in game mod manager to start menu
  • added auto updating of mods
  • added dependency tracking to automatically enable and disable dependency mods
  • replaces PAMM (PA Mod Manager) external application

Custom Server support

No mods required.

  • added game server browser support for hosting, joining and spectating custom server games
  • added game invite support for custom servers
  • added game configuration in new game support for custom servers
  • added reconnect support for custom servers to start menu
  • custom servers now advertise max players and max spectators


Applies to Uber and custom servers:

  • added metalClusters, metalDensity, landing_zones_count, metal_spots_count and planetCSG_count to game beacons and system info
  • added support for 32 colours (based on burntcustard 32 colour table)
  • added support for custom commanders
  • added support for selecting of AI commander
  • added server mod identifiers to game beacons
  • added support for custom servers to advertise max players and max spectators in game config beacons
  • added –max-players and –max-spectators command line options
  • added –server-password command line options for custom servers



  • added game info to session, connect_to_game and various scenes:
    • serverType / game_server_type (local|uber|custom)
    • serverSetup / game_server_setup (game|replay|loadsave)
    • gameType / game_type (Galactic War|Ladder1v1|FFA|TeamArmies)
    • gameModIdentifiers / game_mod_identifiers (work in progress)
  • deprecated joinLocalServer / join_local_server in preference to isLocalGame / is_local_game
  • changed isLocalGame to use the same is_local_game session key everywhere
  • changed join_lobby helper to use isLocalGame
  • updated to latest knockoutjs 3.4

new game

  • added support for model.send_message(‘set_ai_commander’, {id: model.playerId(), commander: commanderSpecString});
  • fixed empty spectators (playersWithoutArmies)
  • added spectatorCount
  • added emptySpectatorSlots
  • added serverModsUpdated
  • added serverModsLoaded

live game

  • exposed listen_to_spectators in GameOptionModel
  • fixed lobbyId not set

build bar

  • improved modability of build bar (wondible)

icon atlas / strategic icons

  • added engine support for server mods and reloading (Uber)


  • updated to latest strophe


  • added for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added api.file.list for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added api.memory.remount for community mods manager (Uber)
  • added api.mods.getMounted (Uber)
  • deprecated api.mods.getMountedMods (Uber)


  • implemented watcher support for OS X / linux
  • implemented memory mounted shader reloading


game server browser

  • added saving of game server browser filters with reset filters button

galactic war

  • changed default save name to include time

live game

  • changed default save name to include time
  • changed global spectator chat default to team chat


  • added searching by display name
  • added lobby status to game invites
  • added cancelling of game invites if full or inviter leaves lobby
  • improved reconnect handling



  • fixed windows laptops with AMD GPUs to always use discrete (Uber)
  • fixed negative output of dither in HDR compose pass… should fix crash on Intel 5xx GPUs (Uber)


  • fixed windows 10 audio issues with updated FMOD (Uber)


  • fixed display names not updating
  • fixed buy missing content dialog description when a classic player is invited to a titans game
  • fixed a long standing issue where a network / data issue or reloading the uberbar reset the user tag map and killed friends list
  • fixed the ubernet extender to not lose data or use bad data from playfab or local storage
  • fixed the ubernet extender to correctly check previous and not update on refresh
  • fixed long standing issue with large user tag and id to interaction time maps (based on optimise user tag map)
  • fixed a long standing issue where idToJabberPresenceTypeMap and idToJabberPresenceStatusMap were not written to session storage
  • fixed long standing issue where searches of existing friends add duplicates to friends list
  • fixed invites to private games
  • fixed long standing issue where previously accepted game invite fails then later invite from same person teleports you into new game without confirmation

new game

  • fixed game password lost after refresh, selecting system, settings, etc

live game

  • fixed alt-tab back to PA then backspace with chat window open triggering window back then reload or connecting to server

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PTE 89626 released

A small PTE snuck out on Thursday, PTE 89626. The most important change is the renaming of Bolo to Ant following WPMarshall’s righteous victory in The Fight For The Ant. Well done that man.

The official thread for feedback can be found here, while a guide to running the PTE is here.


  • AI will do a better job of keeping the Commander safe.
  • Improved the AI’s use of Tesla Bots.


  • Fix for case where a second Ragnarok firing would overwrite a previous Ragnarok firing.


  • You can no longer assist non-friendly units.
  • Improvements to the local server warnings:
    • 1) If you have set the local server setting to OFF, you will no longer see a message warning that your computer does not meet the requirements. It will still warn you that you have to either sign in or change your settings.
    • 2) The local server option in the server browser will be disabled if you have set the local server setting to OFF.
      Certain UI elements in the system editor would appear briefly while the JS was loading. They no longer appear before the scene is ready.
      Added keybindings for the ‘ammo’ build group.
  • Prevent player kill notifications from popping up at the start of a replay.
  • Fix starting planets not being indicated in the details pane of the server browser.


  • Bolos are now named Ants.
  • Added the structure tag to land mines.
  • Removed the ‘basic’ type from land mine, so that normal fabbers cannot build it. Also added the naval type, since mines can be built on water.
  • We now wait to check if the current build version is out of date until after the user has signed in.
  • Fix for an error that occurs when reconnecting to a game more than once.
  • Add Able commander to the catalog. This allows those that have Able to play it online.
  • Inform Windows that we are “DPI-aware” to fix Windows 10 changing the resolution of the game while in full screen mode.
  • Fix for audio dropping out in long/big games.

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PTE 88043 – goodbye lobby sim

  • Date: 18th September, 2015
  • Category: AI, PTE
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The spit and polish continues as Uber release a fresh build to PTE. A number of lobby bugs have been squashed, AI and pathing improved, and some UI tweaks made. Nothing too radical, though I think everyone will be grateful for the lobby changes.

Feedback can be left for Uber in the threads for Classic and for Titans.


  • AI perf improvement to build location updates.
  • Reduce how often the AI updates planet army data while not training neural networks.
  • Added some new inputs to the AI neural networks.
    • These new inputs represent a more strategic view of the game. This helps the AI take planet wide information into account when deciding where to attack and when to run away.
    • The neural networks were retrained for both Classic and Titans
  • More work on rally point placement.
  • Altered the way the AI chooses rally points.
  • Improved AI threat responses.
  • AI will utilize boom bot platoons a bit better.
  • AI perf fix for when the AI has a number of fabbers that cannot find anything to build or assist with.


  • Fix for case were the connect to game screen would hang indefinitely due to getting a PollWaitTimeMS response. The screen will now only try a fixed number of times, then give up.
  • Bug fix for case where client crashed while in a lobby. The server lobby now correctly handles the case where clients disconnect without sending a leave message.
  • Fix for issue where players could not join a lobby where the creator was spectating and all other slots were empty.


  • Units will no longer move extremely slowly when in from of a group that has reached its goal.
  • Fix for segHitPathablePos improperly returning a voxel when the check failed.
    • This is to fix a specific case in factory build task where the rolloff position would be uninitialized, causing units to roll off at odd angles and move on invalid terrain and get stuck.


  • Reformat keybinds in action bar, display them within tooltips for idle fab/factories, ping, pip. Also added ability to access game stats from game menu.
  • Visual tweaks to the AI landing preferences control.
  • Added starting planet indicators to the system indicator in the new game, server browser, and load system scenes.
  • Steam users can now choose to use a display name that is different than the default Steam display name.
  • The AI landing zone policy widget will now appear when using a multi planet system that was not created using the advanced system editor.
  • Quick pass on armory tab that upsells titans. Now shows the following:
    • price
    • video trailer
    • description (pulled from steam)
    • min reqs (isn’t set to display relevant platform yet. added work needed.)
  • Adjusted the bounty mode economy modifier limits. The new limit is from 0.01 to 10.00


  • Removed the Artillery unit type from the Tesla bot.

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PTE 87224 available with save/load fixes

  • Date: 9th September, 2015
  • Category: PTE
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Ahead of the expected release of the PTE into stable today comes this minor update for PTE 87070 which resolves the issue of handling Classic and Titans saves in a single interface.

The official thread for classic is here, and titans is here. If you’re not sure how to run the PTE version then please check out our guide.


  • Fix for loading classic saved games
    • The saved games browser will now show saved games for both classic and titans, regardless of current mode.
    • Titans saved games will be marked with an indicator.
    • If you attempt to load a game that doesn’t match your current mode, you will be prompted to switch to that mode.
    • The main menu ‘load latest save button’ will not show a save if you would have to switch modes to load it.

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PTE Build 87070

A big PTE just landed. For those of you who are new, the PTE is the public test environment where Uber allow the community to try out changes ahead of them going live. Check out our guide for more information. Feedback for Uber should be left in the official thread for classic or TITANS.

If you spend most of your time playing against the AI then you’re in for a treat, because not only are there a host of AI improvements in this PTE, there’s also a big new feature: you can force the AI to spawn on a different planet from you if the system supports it. So if you’ve been wanting to force a slower opening and more orbital play, now you can.

This PTE has a big focus on isolating and fixing any crash issues that have been identified or reported since TITANS went live, so if you’ve been having a problem give it a whirl and see if that problem still exists.

If you’re a Linux user then this PTE has a fix for the menu issue.



  • Orbital teleports are inactive for a few seconds after entering orbit.


  • Update to the neural network for Classic mode.
  • Toned down the AI’s nuke happy nature.
  • The AI should always be expanding its economy.
  • The AI now has a shutdown path to clean stuff up better.
  • AI will now create and destroy planet managers as needed.
  • Adjusted AI commander behavior a bit to keep it from doing nothing.
  • Improved the way the AI updates planet manager statuses.
  • Improved the way the AI calculates its main economy planet.
  • Improved the perf overhead of updating AI base deploy data.
  • Added some new cheap build conditions to test for platoon build items before we do the more costly canFindPlaceToAttack.
  • AI perf improvements to finding a place to attack.
  • AI should be less flippy floppy about what fabbers are assisting.
  • Improved AI Land and Orbital interplanetary assistance calculations.
  • Improved the way the AI chooses where to expand.
  • AI will build a bit more defenses.
  • AI should no longer attempt to build Halleys, Catalysts, or Ragnaroks if an ally already has one or more of them on the planet.
  • AI will now use the average max range for keeping targets at range.
    • This will help the AI keep as much DPS as possible in range of the target.
  • Fix for the AI getting stuck not sending out attacks due to the AI’s factory rally point being inside wreckage.
  • The AI will now disband units into the general squad.
  • Improved AI stuck detection for air based platoons.
  • More work on fixing issues preventing the AI from sending attacks.
  • Minor fixes to AI threat response.
  • Fix for issue in the AI where the recon gone state was not being handled.
  • Added an AI placement buffer value to the Ragnarok.
  • AI will no longer build the Ragnarok or the land/air titans on asteroids.
  • Added threat checks for the Orbital and Structure titan build items.
  • Fix for AI not clearing build items when a factory dies.
  • Fix for AI commander getting stuck if it was in danger as it teleported.
  • Added landing zone options to the AI in the lobby
    • If a system allows multi-planet spawns, you can force the AI to spawn on the same planet as a player, or on a planet with no players.
    • If the conditions are impossible, the AI will ignore the restrictions.
    • The option should only appear if the planet supports multi planet spawns.
  • Fix for AI checking Support Commander affordability against the advanced bot fabber.

Galactic War

  • Fixes for orbital unit damage upgrades in galactic war


  • Units that are sent as a single interplanetary move order arrive spread out.
    • If a user made a mod that issued unique move orders across an entire planet it’d work fine and there’d be nothingwe could do to stop it.
    • Distribution isn’t even because createCelestialMoveTask is called before all units are added to the order. But it’s good enough for now.
    • orbital_arrival_radius and orbital_arrival_unit_radius are defined in nav.json. They can be tweaked to fudge things around.


  • AI influence map perf improvements.
  • Added a draw call limit to the virtual texture processing.
    •  Helps limit the amount of time spent rendering virtual texture pages.
    • Also helps reduce the amount of memory allocated to virtual texturing in texture buffers.
  • More nav perf improvements, mainly in sweep waves.

System Editor

  • Editing landing zones will also lock in the position of metal spots (that way they will not be repositioned after you finish editing the landing zones).


  • Added restrictions to the bounty mode modifier. Values must be within [0.1, 1.0]


  • Add an #id to the Uberbar options button
  • Revamp panel ordering to ensure consistent ordering even with child panels.
    • New order, starting from the top-most panel:
      • Main
      • Video Player
      • Uberbar
      • Game
  • Don’t accept input for the game panel until splash is dismissed.
  • Removed some variables that were no longer needed.
  • Fix for AI crash in land teleport to planet task.
  • Fix for resource leak related to trees and rocks.
  • Fix certain characters in your user name causing games to not start.
  • Fix for PA owners getting error about “commander_step.pfx” failing to load.
  • Fix for AI crash if the AI receives a killed unit message for a unit assigned to a planet manager that has been destroyed.
  • Fix the “Architecth” achievement requiring the orbital radar unit.
  • Fixed a bug where time spent as a spectator was not counting towards the relevant Steam achievements.
  • Fix for the bug on Linux that caused certain menus to become unclickable.
  • Mesh rendering behavioral change to help track down mesh culling crash.
  • Fix for units not leaving wreckage upon loading a saved game.
  • Fix for the default LOD group not getting set for mesh instances that are added during the frame.
  • Fix for client mesh instance crash caused by units transitioning between planets.
  • Added kickstarter backer name to credits list and their planets names to the planet list.
  • Fix issue where planes that begin a new move order after moving over CSG would do a slow vertical take off rather than move forward.
  • Fix a crash that could occur on save/load due to uninitialized memory.
  • Fix some bad perf situations on client.
  • Fix for unnecessary nav overhead on the client.
  • Fix for uv scrolling behavior on units. Now materials are only updated when the unit is moving.
  • Fix for AI crash in transport to planet task if a planet gets destroyed during the loading step.
  • Added “anti_entity_targets_units” to weapon specs to speed up anti-entity weapons that do not target units.
  • Refactored auto repair task to speed it up a bit.
  • Shared armies will no longer self destruct after 10 minutes if one of the players disconnects. The army will only self destruct if all the players in the shared army disconnect.
  • Orbital Teleporter work:
    • Update orbital teleporter to use new inCircle function that evenly distributes points across area

Wondible Discoveries

  • There is a new stock mod for PAX. It seems to require a manually launched local server (I assume they had an infinite loop which restarted as soon as it finished) It has it’s own ui_mod_list.js and won’t work with regular UI mods. Even with them off, I get stuck on Loading Solar System.
  • AI spawn selection is in server script.
  • Possible new AI conditions
    • AlliedUnitCountOnPlanet
    • Enemy(Surface|Air|Orbital)PresenseOnPlanet
    • PlanetIsRespawnable

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PTE 86641 Update for Classic and TITANS

So you’ve got your teeth into TITANS and that’s great. We’re seeing much higher player numbers across both classic and TITANS, and over in TITANS T2 has become a normal part of 1v1 play. It’s all very exciting.

Uber have pushed out a new PTE. For those of you who haven’t heard of these before please check out our guide on what a PTE is and how to take part.

The focus of this patch is on crushing a number of bugs which have been reported. For TITANS players there’s also an adjustment to the capabilities of the Squall, which should serve to limit the (some might say overwhelming) danger the Typhoon represents.

Give it a try and provide your feedback to Uber. The thread for classic is here and TITANS is this way.


Solar Drone (Icarus)

  • Underwater Vision decreased to 50 from 500

Nuke Tank (Manhattan)

  • Armor Damage Orbital increased to 0.33 from 0.0
  • Armor Damage Commander set to 0.33

Drone Carrier (Typhoon)

  • Ammo Demand decreased to 15 from 30

Missile Drone (Squall)

  • Metal Cost increased to 90 from 30 (Only will affect repair speed)
  • Health Regen decreased to -3 from -1
  • Acceleration decreased to 80 from 90
  • Move Speed decreased to 80 from 90
  • Turn Speed decreased to 240 from 270


  • Updated Classic land neural net data.
  • Titans land neural net update
  • Titans air neural net update

Galactic War

  • Galactic War Titan cards will now properly interact with the orbital and air titan, and will not show up in Classic PA


  • Fix for crash when loading a save or resuming a game where an entity spawned and died on the same tick.
  • Fix for a crash in closestPointPlane
  • Fix for a crash caused by units trying to initialize a celestial move task after their planet has been blown up but before the unit has been destroyed.
  • When launching PA Classic on Steam when you own TITANS, the Quit & Install / Quit & Launch buttons on the popup now initiate the install or launch for you.
  • Fix for AI crash on shutdown in the interplanetary request system
  • Fix for a crash in BuildTask
  • Fix for a crash when loading a save with a unit with a celestial body and no order.
  • Fix for a crash when SimWeapon is verifying index in one place and not in another
  • Make main.css rules a little more specific
  • Fix some cursors on certain Linux drivers
  • Sim units no longer kill the server if spawned with an invalid spec id.
  • Shut down empty load_save servers.
  • Set +x bit on published Linux files that need it. Fixes the Linux download not working out of the box
  • Fix default parameters to panel.move.
  • Fix for boolean inversion in the build task when creating the unit.
  • Added a ‘no-gpu’ option to the panel api. This allows us to reduce the number of processes and interacting with the gpu. Enabling software-ui has been know to solve certain ui crashes, and this offers a more balanced solution.
  • Titans should no longer teleport
  • Never automatically set particle data format as PositionWithAlpha. The format is almost never used, and when it is it’s usually by mistake and causes something to break.
  • Events for enemy units will no longer be treated as your events. This bug was most noticeable with the idle fabber/factory widget

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