Meet the Uber team

As part of his PAX visit, ZaphodX stopped by the Uber offices and interviewed a number of the team that helped make Planetary Annihilation. The last of these interviews was added today to our PAX Prime 2014 page.

Be sure to check these out, along with his vlogs and the games he cast while there.

Catch-up with ZaphodX’s PAX vlogs and casts

ZaphodX was the man on the ground for eXodus eSports at PAX Prime 2014. Invited by Uber Entertainment, he was flown over along with TheWrongCat and WPMarshall to cast Planetary Annihilation games live in the Uber booth.

The choicest games, along with all the vlogs he recorded while there, will be added to our PAX Prime 2014 page, accessible under the Events menu.

Be sure to check back for more cast games which we’ll be adding to the page as they become available.

Behind the scenes at PAX Prime

ZaphodX has posted another vblog for us presenting a behind-the-scenes view at Uber Entertainment’s Planetary Annihilation PAX Prime booth. Check out their setup, the swag, and get a little inside news.

ZaphodX will be casting at PAX Prime

If you’re intending to go to PAX Prime then be sure to head for Uber Entertainment’s booth to see eXodus’s ZaphodX casting Planetary Annihilation games alongside Uber’s metabolical. It’s safe to say he’s pretty excited, as shown in his vblog.