Planetary Annihilation: TITANS Is Here

There has been a mystery brewing at Uber and a lot of people have been guessing as to what it might be. New units? New balance? New terrain? Hover units? More orbital?

No one guessed it would be all of that and more.

Planetary Annihilation Titans

Introducing Planetary Annihilation Titans, a standalone expansion for Planetary Annihilation. Available to all Kickstarter backers for free and to any Planetary Annihilation owner for 66% off. It’s a new dawn for Planetary Annihilation.

We here at eXodus eSports were fortunate enough to gain early access to Planetary Annihilation: TITANS. To help you on your journey we’ve put together an article which tells you everything you need to know about Planetary Annihilation: TITANS. It will walk you through the changes, the units, the maps, and our own experiences with it all.

SPOILER: it’s impossibly awesome.

Planetary Annihilation Titans - Atlas Titans

Planetary Annihilation Titans - Ares Titan

But what of Mystery Mayhem? It will be played using Planetary Annihilation: TITANS. But what if you don’t own a copy? Well we’re happy to announce that everyone who is signed up to the tournament will receive a copy of Planetary Annihilation: TITANS absolutely free courtesy of Uber Entertainment. That’s right, not only do you get to participate in this awesome event with all this cool new stuff, but you’re getting a copy of the expansion just for taking part.

We’ll be playing with Planetary Annihilation: TITANS balance, units and maps so you better start getting ready for this new era of Planetary Annihilation. And if you’re still on the fence after reading our article, well why not come watch live on Saturday and see for yourself?

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Evil Twins Qualifiers starts in three hours

Just a reminder to everyone that we will be livestreaming the Evil Twins Qualifiers in a little under three hours time. 49 players are competing for the single wildcard place in the Evil Twins Finals where they will meet seven of the best players the game has to offer.

We’ll be transforming the homepage of into our live page where you can see all the actio. We’ll be running two streams, channel 1 with Sorian and PAG_Matiz, and channel 2 with OtterFamily and BSport. Our live page will let you switch between them with ease.

It promises to be an epic event, and possibly the final tournament played on the current balance. So be sure to come watch it live, along with hundreds of others to cheer on your favourites and vote on the outcomes.

We’ll see you there.

And for those who missed it here is the final map order:

  • Round 1
    • Forge
  • Round 2
    • Berg
  • Round 3
    • Duat
  • Quarterfinals
    • Pacific
  • Semifinals
    • Forge
    • Meso
    • Berg
  • Final
    • Styx
    • Pacific
    • Berg
    • Meso
    • Forge

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Another epic Clan Wars fixture

In our biggest Clan Wars livestream yet three clans faced off in six matches, each of them a four versus four. They did battle on systems featuring one planet, they did battle on systems featuring several. Some games were over in less than fifteen minutes, others lasted over an hour. We saw everything from bot rushes to nuclear strikes to planet smashes. Clans did battle the ground, in the air and even in space. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend and to the clans for some fantastic matches and spectacular moments.

But perhaps you missed it? Well don’t worry because we’ve got videos of every game for you to view.

Team Burning vs. The Cult [Home]

Team Burning [Home] vs. PA Gods (match of the fixture)

PA Gods vs. The Cult [Home]

Team Burning [Home] vs. The Cult

Team Burning vs. PA Gods [Home]

PA Gods [Home] vs. The Cult

Thanks also to both ZaphodX and WPMarshall who did us proud, maintaining a high level of professionalism and at no point wandering off in rambling diatribes about supermarkets and jokes you’d need to be British to understand.

video contains spoilers for PA Gods vs. The Cult [Home]

The next Clan Wars fixture features The Realm, Promethean and Voices of War and is on the 31st January, 1900 UTC. We hope to see you there!

Planetary Annihilation hits 1.0, the ladders are reset and PA Stats adds matchmaking

Today on their livestream Uber Entertainment announced the release of Planetary Annihilation 1.0. It’s out of early access and officially released, but this isn’t the end of the journey rather it’s just the beginning. 1.0 is just a number and Uber have continually reiterated their commitment to continuing development.

Illmaren and Pyrus have used this opportunity to reset the community ELO and Uberskill ladders, so now is your chance to be the best in the world, if only for a little while. Before the reset Illmaren gathered some stats:

Longest time place 1: PAG_Matiz
Longest time KotP: PAG_Matiz
Most Games played: aapl2 / Posidian
best W / L ( up to 150Games ): burntcustard
#1 UberSkill: Cola_Colin
#1 ELO: burntcustard

In addition, PA Stats has been updated to include matchmaking by ELO.

The search works with 50 point per minute steps, so i.e. for foerest to be matched with a newbie@1600 they both will have to be in the pool of searching players for for 11 minutes. 

If there is at most 3 minutes of search time for you till you can be matched with somebody else you’ll see the notification that someone close to your skill is searching.

If you have PA Stats installed already you’ll find this functionality on the Multiplayer screen, otherwise check our guide on how to install this essential mod.

Join Uber for the Planetary Annihilation launch livestream!

On the 5th September at 1700 UTC, Uber will be hosting a two hour livestream. Community Manager Brad Nicholson had this to say:

i know it’s been awhile, but we’re preparing for our next livestream. it’ll start at 10AM pacific and go until around noon on september 5. bring some questions with you, and get ready to see some of your fave personalities talk about the game, its future, and just generally celebrate the launch.

anything specific you’d like to see?

Make sure to stop by the forum topic to provide any suggestions you might have, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Be sure to spread the word!