King of the Planet

King of the Planet showing at Edinburgh University

Forum goer Zaphys will be hosting a screening of King of the Planet 11 at Edinburgh University in Scotland for the local gaming society as part of a drive to increase interesting in Planetary Annihilation in the area. An opportunity to watch King of the Planet on the big screen? Sounds awesome. Zaphys has also done a “PA Intro Session” and is planning to introduce Planetary Annihilation as part of their 24hr LAN event.

If you’re interested in attending then drop him a private message on the Uber forums.

We expect to see videos or pictures of these events, Zaphys!

Edinburgh University RTS Club

King of the Planet #9 was short but dramatic

Both Matiz and elodea had been practicing all week for it, then on Saturday night Uber dropped a bombshell: a new patch with a new meta.

People thought the changes to Dox would lead to them dominating the game, and initial impressions appear to be that this is true. Certainly it was a war of Dox, with Dox raids, Dox defence and Dox aggression. Orbital also managed to play a key part of the final outcome for the first time in King of the Planet history.

But where the variety lacked in the unit selection it was more than made up for in the maps. We had multi-planet, we had moons, we had water, we even got the rarely seen metal biome.

In the end it was elodea’s greater experience with Dox which won out and caused a 3-0 landslide in under an hour. Matiz was better prepared than he was for King of the Planet #8, but it was for a meta which no longer existed. He describes his experience as King of the Planet and his hopes for the future of Planetary Annihilation in this final interview.

VODs will be uploaded over the course of the week.

King of the Planet #9 is coming…

In week 8 of this series, the lord emperor PAG_Matiz battled with his brother-in-arms PAG_Clopse. We saw a world where air was in a greater use than ever before.

The meta favoured Clopse and it was obvious that Matiz was not well prepared, even losing on Tanis the world he was considered unbeatable on. But showing why he was king he managed to come back from 2-1 down to win 3-2, concluding with a decisive victory in the fifth game and a little of the Matiz sass we know and love.

In week 9 of this series eXodus eSports will be streaming a best-of-five between King of the Planet PAG_Matiz and the challenger, PAG_elodea, at 17:00 UTC on Sunday, 10th August.

It’s another PAG on PAG, the third best on the ladder has fallen can the number four do any better? He has one of the best tournament win rates of anyone listed on eXodus and has also been a rapidly rising star. It wasn’t that long ago he wasn’t in the top 10 at all yet it feels unthinkable now that that it could ever be otherwise.

They met in Cloak and Danger in what was effectively a 1v1 with two spoiler AIs. At first it appeared that Matiz would defeat the aggressive raiding of elodea with his macro war machine, but then the impossible happened: elodea shut him down. Can elodea repeat this in longform? Can he take advantage of the greater control the system editor now provides to create maps Matiz will never anticipate? Can we set enough alarms to make sure he doesn’t oversleep and miss the whole thing? Will Matiz prove to be unstoppable?

Tune in to King of the Planet 9 to find out! And note that we’re starting an hour earlier than normal.

King of the Planet #8 announced!

In week 7 of this series his highness PAG_Matiz fought Uber’s bradnicholson. Orbital was the theme, and the king was clearly confused on multiple occasions to the delight of all.

The event will be hard to top, culminating in PAG_Matiz dropping a planet on himself by mistake, followed by the Steam daily deal on Planetary Annihilation being so successful we couldn’t continue the event. The king ended up triumphing 2-0. Or 2.5-0.5 as Brad likes to say.

In week 8 of this series eXodus eSports will be streaming a best-of-five between King of the Planet PAG_Matiz and the challenger, PAG_Clopse, at 18:00 UTC on Sunday, 6th July.

Confidence abounds, with both sure that they can destroy the other. With the biome rules introduced in King of the Planet 7 they can each only pick a moon once, so they finally both need to discover that the game has other biomes. Will Matiz’s experience in King of the Planet biome variety tell? Will Clopse use Matiz’s poor knowledge of orbital against him? Will America celebrating the victory of the French over the British mean they battle alone?

Tune in to King of the Planet #8 to find out!

Steam Daily Deal defeats King of the Planet 7

It was the first multi-planet King of the Planet. It was the first King of the Planet to have three casters. I think everyone could agree it was probably the most amusing King of the Planet yet. King PAG_Matiz and Uber’s Community Manager bradnicholson, the self-declared best player the game has ever seen, squared off for the crown, but neither could defeat the might of the Steam daily deal which brought the event to a premature close when Ubernet could no longer cope with the demand and failed to spawn additional lobbies.

PAG_Matiz managed to hold onto his crown in a 2-0 victory, with the third game resulting in our first ever draw as the king teleported his commander onto the planet which he was smashing a moon into. A fabulous way to bring the event to a close.

We were very happy with the way multi-planetary systems panned out and the confusion it brought for at least one of our players. It hasn’t been a big element of 1v1 play, but hopefully that will begin to change. Expect to see it return.

Another challenger is already lined up, so expect an announcement soon and join us for more exciting King of the Planet!

King of the Planet #7 – Uber’s Brad Nicholson challenges for the crown

In week six of this series our lord and master, king PAG_Matiz fought [BL] Murcanic. Surprises abound, including the first comm boxing map seen, but showing why he wears the crown PAG_Matiz was able to keep his throne with a close fought 3-2 victory.

In week 7 of this series eXodus eSports will be streaming a best-of-five between King of the Planet PAG_Matiz and the challenger, Uber’s Brad Nicholson, at 18:00 UTC on Sunday, 22nd June.


This will be the first King of the Planet to allow for multi-planet systems. Will we see a YOLO?

Will Brad do Uber proud, or will Matiz sleepwalk his way to a 3-0 victory? It’s a new patch, a new balance and a new meta. Will it be nothing but tank spam? Will air be as OP as some claim? Make sure to tune in to at the appointed hour to find out!

King of the Planet Series – 1st June 1800 UTC

It was epic and it was grueling, but in week 5 of this series our protector king PAG_Matiz defeated the upstart [RLM] burntcustard 3-2, the first time this event has gone to game 5!

In week 6 of this series, ZaphodX and thesambasti will be streaming a best-of-five between King of the Planet PAG_Matiz and the challenger [BL] Murcanic at 18:00 UTC on Sunday, 1st June.

PAG_Matiz is definitely the favourite for this, but the two have never previously met in battle so perhaps [BL] Murcanic will be able to bamboozle our king. PAG_Matiz demonstrated the effectiveness of Grenadiers and Infernos, but the patch was fresh; will we see something better from either player this time? What weird and wonderful planets will we see the players trip one another up with? Will PAG_Matiz finally choose something that isn’t a moon?

Make sure to tune in to at the appointed hour to find out! Ensure you don’t miss out by subscribing to one (or more!) of our channels.

CONGRATS To The New King of the Planet…

… who’s the same as the old King of the Planet!!! PAG_Matiz holds his position as king with a 3-2 victory over the challenger, [RLM] burntcustard.

We want to thank everyone who showed up to watch and cheer for their favorite player. It was a set of close, intense games, and we even managed to break our viewership records with 350+ unique viewers. You can find all sorts of info, including individual matches and results, at the event’s official page. You can also discuss the event on the Uberent forums here.

Congratulations once again to PAG_Matiz. THE KING LIVES, LONG LIVE THE KING!!

King of the Planet #5 – Sunday May 18th at 18:00 UTC

Tune in this Sunday, May 18th, at 18:00 for another epic KoTP matchup. This time, our king, PAG_matiz, will face off against the winner of PACE’s Master of May competition, [RLM]burntcustard. All details can be found on the tournament page!

Note: From now on, all KoTP events will be streamed on the official exodus twitch, so make sure you check out the right channel!