Hotfix 88163 released

  • Date: 21st September, 2015
  • Category: AI, Hotfix
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The latest PTE build has been pushed to stable as a hotfix. If you read the PTE changelog then know that nothing has changed.

Feedback can be left for Uber in the threads for Classic and for Titans.


  • AI perf improvement to build location updates.
  • Reduce how often the AI updates planet army data while not training neural networks.
  • Added some new inputs to the AI neural networks.
    • These new inputs represent a more strategic view of the game. This helps the AI take planet wide information into account when deciding where to attack and when to run away.
    • The neural networks were retrained for both Classic and Titans
  • More work on rally point placement.
  • Altered the way the AI chooses rally points.
  • Improved AI threat responses.
  • AI will utilize boom bot platoons a bit better.
  • AI perf fix for when the AI has a number of fabbers that cannot find anything to build or assist with.


  • Fix for case were the connect to game screen would hang indefinitely due to getting a PollWaitTimeMS response. The screen will now only try a fixed number of times, then give up.
  • Bug fix for case where client crashed while in a lobby. The server lobby now correctly handles the case where clients disconnect without sending a leave message.
  • Fix for issue where players could not join a lobby where the creator was spectating and all other slots were empty.


  • Units will no longer move extremely slowly when in from of a group that has reached its goal.
  • Fix for segHitPathablePos improperly returning a voxel when the check failed.
    • This is to fix a specific case in factory build task where the rolloff position would be uninitialized, causing units to roll off at odd angles and move on invalid terrain and get stuck.


  • Reformat keybinds in action bar, display them within tooltips for idle fab/factories, ping, pip. Also added ability to access game stats from game menu.
  • Visual tweaks to the AI landing preferences control.
  • Added starting planet indicators to the system indicator in the new game, server browser, and load system scenes.
  • Steam users can now choose to use a display name that is different than the default Steam display name.
  • The AI landing zone policy widget will now appear when using a multi planet system that was not created using the advanced system editor.
  • Quick pass on armory tab that upsells titans. Now shows the following:
    • price
    • video trailer
    • description (pulled from steam)
    • min reqs (isn’t set to display relevant platform yet. added work needed.)
  • Adjusted the bounty mode economy modifier limits. The new limit is from 0.01 to 10.00


  • Removed the Artillery unit type from the Tesla bot.

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Hotfix 87296 released

If you’ve been following the PTE releases then there should be no surprises here. There are a lot of crash and AI fixes and updates bundled into this hotfix, and it resolves a critical Linux bug.

The official thread for Classic is here, and for Titans it’s here.



  • Orbital teleports are inactive for a few seconds after entering orbit.


  • Update to the neural network for Classic mode.
  • Toned down the AI’s nuke happy nature.
  • The AI should always be expanding its economy.
  • The AI now has a shutdown path to clean stuff up better.
  • AI will now create and destroy planet managers as needed.
  • Adjusted AI commander behavior a bit to keep it from doing nothing.
  • Improved the way the AI updates planet manager statuses.
  • Improved the way the AI calculates its main economy planet.
  • Improved the perf overhead of updating AI base deploy data.
  • Added some new cheap build conditions to test for platoon build items before we do the more costly canFindPlaceToAttack.
  • AI perf improvements to finding a place to attack.
  • AI should be less flippy floppy about what fabbers are assisting.
  • Improved AI Land and Orbital interplanetary assistance calculations.
  • Improved the way the AI chooses where to expand.
  • AI will build a bit more defenses.
  • AI should no longer attempt to build Halleys, Catalysts, or Ragnaroks if an ally already has one or more of them on the planet.
  • AI will now use the average max range for keeping targets at range.
    • This will help the AI keep as much DPS as possible in range of the target.
  • Fix for the AI getting stuck not sending out attacks due to the AI’s factory rally point being inside wreckage.
  • The AI will now disband units into the general squad.
  • Improved AI stuck detection for air based platoons.
  • More work on fixing issues preventing the AI from sending attacks.
  • Minor fixes to AI threat response.
  • Fix for issue in the AI where the recon gone state was not being handled.
  • Added an AI placement buffer value to the Ragnarok.
  • AI will no longer build the Ragnarok or the land/air titans on asteroids.
  • Added threat checks for the Orbital and Structure titan build items.
  • Fix for AI not clearing build items when a factory dies.
  • Fix for AI commander getting stuck if it was in danger as it teleported.
  • Added landing zone options to the AI in the lobby
    • If a system allows multi-planet spawns, you can force the AI to spawn on the same planet as a player, or on a planet with no players.
    • If the conditions are impossible, the AI will ignore the restrictions.
    • The option should only appear if the planet supports multi planet spawns.
  • Fix for AI checking Support Commander affordability against the advanced bot fabber.

Galactic War

  • Fixes for orbital unit damage upgrades in galactic war


  • Units that are sent as a single interplanetary move order arrive spread out.
    • If a user made a mod that issued unique move orders across an entire planet it’d work fine and there’d be nothingwe could do to stop it.
    • Distribution isn’t even because createCelestialMoveTask is called before all units are added to the order. But it’s good enough for now.
    • orbital_arrival_radius and orbital_arrival_unit_radius are defined in nav.json. They can be tweaked to fudge things around.


  • AI influence map perf improvements.
  • Added a draw call limit to the virtual texture processing.
    •  Helps limit the amount of time spent rendering virtual texture pages.
    • Also helps reduce the amount of memory allocated to virtual texturing in texture buffers.
  • More nav perf improvements, mainly in sweep waves.


  • Fix for loading classic saved games
    • The saved games browser will now show saved games for both classic and titans, regardless of current mode.
    • Titans saved games will be marked with an indicator.
    • If you attempt to load a game that doesn’t match your current mode, you will be prompted to switch to that mode.
    • The main menu ‘load latest save button’ will not show a save if you would have to switch modes to load it.

System Editor

  • Editing landing zones will also lock in the position of metal spots (that way they will not be repositioned after you finish editing the landing zones).


  • Added restrictions to the bounty mode modifier. Values must be within [0.1, 1.0]


  • Add an #id to the Uberbar options button
  • Revamp panel ordering to ensure consistent ordering even with child panels.
    • New order, starting from the top-most panel:
      • Main
      • Video Player
      • Uberbar
      • Game
  • Don’t accept input for the game panel until splash is dismissed.
  • Removed some variables that were no longer needed.
  • Fix for AI crash in land teleport to planet task.
  • Fix for resource leak related to trees and rocks.
  • Fix certain characters in your user name causing games to not start.
  • Fix for PA owners getting error about “commander_step.pfx” failing to load.
  • Fix for AI crash if the AI receives a killed unit message for a unit assigned to a planet manager that has been destroyed.
  • Fix the “Architecth” achievement requiring the orbital radar unit.
  • Fixed a bug where time spent as a spectator was not counting towards the relevant Steam achievements.
  • Fix for the bug on Linux that caused certain menus to become unclickable.
  • Mesh rendering behavioral change to help track down mesh culling crash.
  • Fix for units not leaving wreckage upon loading a saved game.
  • Fix for the default LOD group not getting set for mesh instances that are added during the frame.
  • Fix for client mesh instance crash caused by units transitioning between planets.
  • Added kickstarter backer name to credits list and their planets names to the planet list.
  • Fix issue where planes that begin a new move order after moving over CSG would do a slow vertical take off rather than move forward.
  • Fix a crash that could occur on save/load due to uninitialized memory.
  • Fix some bad perf situations on client.
  • Fix for unnecessary nav overhead on the client.
  • Fix for uv scrolling behavior on units. Now materials are only updated when the unit is moving.
  • Fix for AI crash in transport to planet task if a planet gets destroyed during the loading step.
  • Added “anti_entity_targets_units” to weapon specs to speed up anti-entity weapons that do not target units.
  • Refactored auto repair task to speed it up a bit.
  • Shared armies will no longer self destruct after 10 minutes if one of the players disconnects. The army will only self destruct if all the players in the shared army disconnect.
  • Orbital Teleporter work:
    • Update orbital teleporter to use new inCircle function that evenly distributes points across area

Wondible Discoveries

  • There is a new stock mod for PAX. It seems to require a manually launched local server (I assume they had an infinite loop which restarted as soon as it finished) It has it’s own ui_mod_list.js and won’t work with regular UI mods. Even with them off, I get stuck on Loading Solar System.
  • AI spawn selection is in server script.
  • Possible new AI conditions
    • AlliedUnitCountOnPlanet
    • Enemy(Surface|Air|Orbital)PresenseOnPlanet
    • PlanetIsRespawnable

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Hotfix 86765 has arrived

Been subject to any nagging issues following the release of TITANS? Well there’s a hotfix out now to resolve those report by players to Uber. It also has some small AI updates, and a few balance tweaks including a nerf to the Squall.

If you’re running the PTE, well you don’t need to any more as stable is now the most up-to-date branch. The official thread for this update can be found here for TITANS and here for Classic.


Solar Drone (Icarus)

  • Underwater Vision decreased to 50 from 500

Nuke Tank (Manhattan)

  • Armor Damage Orbital increased to 0.33 from 0.0
  • Armor Damage Commander set to 0.33

Drone Carrier (Typhoon)

  • Ammo Demand decreased to 15 from 30

Missile Drone (Squall)

  • Metal Cost increased to 90 from 30 (Only will affect repair speed)
  • Health Regen decreased to -3 from -1
  • Acceleration decreased to 80 from 90
  • Move Speed decreased to 80 from 90
  • Turn Speed decreased to 240 from 270


  • Updated Classic land neural net data.
  • Titans land neural net update
  • Titans air neural net update

Galactic War

  • Galactic War Titan cards will now properly interact with the orbital and air titan, and will not show up in Classic PA


  • Fix for crash when loading a save or resuming a game where an entity spawned and died on the same tick.
  • Fix for a crash in closestPointPlane
  • Fix for a crash caused by units trying to initialize a celestial move task after their planet has been blown up but before the unit has been destroyed.
  • When launching PA Classic on Steam when you own TITANS, the Quit & Install / Quit & Launch buttons on the popup now initiate the install or launch for you.
  • Fix for AI crash on shutdown in the interplanetary request system
  • Fix for a crash in BuildTask
  • Fix for a crash when loading a save with a unit with a celestial body and no order.
  • Fix for a crash when SimWeapon is verifying index in one place and not in another
  • Make main.css rules a little more specific
  • Fix some cursors on certain Linux drivers
  • Sim units no longer kill the server if spawned with an invalid spec id.
  • Shut down empty load_save servers.
  • Set +x bit on published Linux files that need it. Fixes the Linux download not working out of the box
  • Fix default parameters to panel.move.
  • Fix for boolean inversion in the build task when creating the unit.
  • Added a ‘no-gpu’ option to the panel api. This allows us to reduce the number of processes and interacting with the gpu. Enabling software-ui has been know to solve certain ui crashes, and this offers a more balanced solution.
  • Titans should no longer teleport
  • Never automatically set particle data format as PositionWithAlpha. The format is almost never used, and when it is it’s usually by mistake and causes something to break.
  • Events for enemy units will no longer be treated as your events. This bug was most noticeable with the idle fabber/factory widget

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Hotfix build 8339 released along with more details on asteroids

Wonder why that build number just changed? Well it’s because Uber have put out a small hotfix. All very unexciting. Unless it fixes a problem you were experiencing. The official thread can be found here and the patch notes are below.

In case you missed it, Uber recently released some details on their plans for asteroids. Expect to see them in a PTE in the near future.


  • Fix for a Mac crash in the server browser when there was no network connection
  • Better error messages when failing to set up a server on Playfab
  • Logs now also include coherent crash dumps, which will improve our ability to track down issues

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Hotfix build 83074 released

  • Date: 16th June, 2015
  • Category: Hotfix
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Just a general clean-up of some outstanding issues found lurking in release build 82834. The official thread can be found here.


  • Player has the ability to get a random commander instead of a selected favorite
  • Changing server name does not unready players
  • Allow players to filter replays by type of game
    • The current filters are Multiplayer, Versus AI, and Galactic War


  • Fix for unit selection breakdown displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed Galactic War to correctly handle using Chrono Cam to change the outcome of a battle
  • Fixed commanders in the armory not clearing their hover style
  • Fixed the Armory back button not showing up correctly

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Release 82293 and Hotfix 82369 change log

So while I was on holiday it seems the elves at Uber have been busy little boys and girls. First let’s catch-up on the latest stable release, with the introduction of ChronoResume (resume anywhere), along with a huge host of AI updates.

Praise, complaints, thoughts and bug reports should be left in the official thread.

Hotfix Build 82369

Fix for largest cause of “Lost connection to server” issues. We will continue monitoring the issue and make more fixes where needed. Sorry for the issue, and thanks for your patience!

Release Build 82293


  • Added Resume Anywhere

Planetary Annihilation PTE 81029 ChronoResume resume anywhere

To use:

  1. Load or start a game or replay
  2. Open Chronocam
  3. Rewind back to where you want to go. (You have to rewind at least 2 seconds)
  4. Select the Play From Here (Beta) button and Yes when asked “Rewind history and restart battle?”
  5. Wait for simulation to load​

Please note, replays prior to the introduction of ChronoResume do no support this feature.


  • AA missile tiny AOE radius
  • Naval firing arc adjustments
  • Units are now able to reclaim wreckage and trees while patrolling
    • Reclaim will not occur if metal storage is full

Fighter (Hummingbird)

  • Splash Damage set to 20
  • Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
  • Full Damage Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
  • Removed death weapon

Bomber (Bumblebee)

  • Removed death weapon

Interplanetary Fighter (Phoenix)

  • Splash Damage set to 25
  • Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
  • Full Damage Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
  • Removed death weapon

Missile Bomber (Hornet)

  • Removed death weapon


  • Anti-Air Splash Damage set to 25
  • Anti-Air Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
  • Full Damage Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0

Missile Vehicle (Spinner)

  • Splash Damage set to 20
  • Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
  • Full Damage Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0

Missile Turret (Galata)

  • Splash Damage set to 20
  • Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
  • Full Damage Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0

Frigate (Narwhal)

  • Splash Damage set to 20
  • Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
  • Full Damage Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0
  • Ammo Velocity decreased to 85.0 from 150.0

Destroyer (Orca)

  • Ammo Velocity decreased to 85.0 from 150.0

Battleship (Leviathan)

  • Ammo Velocity decreased to 110.0 from 150.0

Missile Ship (Stingray)

  • Splash Damage set to 25
  • Splash Radius increased to 0.75 from 0


  • Now prioritizes turrets and commanders over its normal targeting priorities
  • Firing arc and effects adjustments
    • Added a small explosion when ammo hits to better communicate its small amount of splash damage
  • Ammo Gravity Scalar increased to 6 from 3
  • Max Firing Velocity increased to 88 from 68
  • Min Firing Velocity increased to 85 from 65
  • Added a small explosion when ammo hits to better communicate its small amount of splash damage


  • Accuracy improvement
    • Ammo Velocity increased to 1500.0 from 500.0

Unit Cannon

  • Fix Unit Cannon not decaying if you stop building it
    • Atrophy Rate set to 140
    • Atrophy Cool Down set to 15

Bot Factory

  • Placement Size changed to [40,55] from [30,55]
  • Area Build Separation decreased to 2 from 10

Vehicle Factory

  • Placement Size changed to [40,55] from [30,55]
  • Area Build Separation decreased to 2 from 10

Naval Factory

  • Placement Size changed to [40,50] from [20,50]
  • Area Build Separation decreased to 2 from 10

Air Factory

  • Placement Size changed to [40,40] from [30,30]
  • Area Build Separation decreased to 2 from 10

Advanced Bot Factory

  • Placement Size changed to [60,80] from [50,80]
  • Area Build Separation decreased to 2 from 7

Advanced Vehicle Factory

  • Placement Size changed to [60,80] from [50,80]
  • Area Build Separation decreased to 2 from 6

Advanced Naval Factory

  • Area Build Separation decreased to 5 from 10

Advanced Air Factory

  • Placement Size changed to [60,60] from [50,50]
  • Area Build Separation decreased to 2 from 7


  • Added a new AI difficulty named ‘idle’. This AI will never take any action
  • Normal AI adjusted to make it more passive while making its expansion and base building behavior less erratic
  • AI will take into account allied forces when calculating planet wide threat
  • Added stuck detection for AI area build task
  • Adjusted stuck AI stuck detection sensitivity
  • Reduced AI factory buffer size
  • AI will send more units at once through a teleporter from planets it has full control of
  • AI will expand faster on planets it has full control of
  • Adjusted how the AI sees armies occupying a planet
  • AI will do a better job of balancing its economy
  • AI can now use bomb bots
  • AI can now build and use the Unit Cannon
  • AI should try to get all of its units cannons in sync
  • AI will once again send orbital radars to other planets
  • AI will send fabbers with no build task back to a rally point, out of harms way
  • AI should do a better job of not sending fabbers half way around the planet right after dropping them off at a planet
  • AI will now enqueue orders on the sim rather than issuing them directly
  • AI will build more AA vehicles if it is losing the air battle
  • AI will build a deep space radar earlier when on a planet by itself
  • AI will build an orbital launcher earlier when on a planet by itself
  • AI will be more likely to place a teleporter on a planet, in anticipation of needing it later
  • AI will keep a group of fighters and bombers at the ready when on a planet by itself
  • AI will build at least one air factory when on a planet by itself
  • Improved the AI’s handling of Gas Giants
  • Added “unable_to_expand_delay” as an AI personality setting. The AI will now accumulate time that it is unable to expand. Once they delay has been reached, it will set the unable to expand flag, allowing the AI to react accordingly
  • Minor balance to get the AI building the Delta V Engine and Control Module again
  • Fix for bug preventing the AI from using Delta V Engines
  • Fix for the PlanetHasUseableWeapon build condition not working as expected
  • The CanAffordBuildDemand build condition now supports build items with no spec to build. This will now just evaluate the condition using the fabber’s build arm drain
  • Added new AI build conditions:
    • CurrentEnergyEfficiency
    • CurrentMetalEfficiency
    • SpawnablePlanetCount
    • PlanetIsMainEcoBase
    • DistFromNearestEnemyThreat
    • PlanetHighestEnemyArmyThreat
    • FocusTargetThreatRatio
    • PlanetHighestEnemyArmyThreatRatio
    • PlanetIsGasGiant
  • Fix for AI not expanding on planets with little to no metal
  • Fix for typo in AI fabber air builds
  • Fixes for cases where the AI would seem to lose track of a fabber
  • Fix where the AI would get stuck on mixed terrain planets
  • AI platoon templates and unit map are now located in a separate folder in the AI content folder
  • The AI can now load multiple platoon template and unit map files
  • Added a cheaper path fixup function to nav. AI now makes use of the cheaper path fixup function
  • AI no longer ticks platoons that are in celestial transit
  • AI will not tick platoons in transit via the unit cannon
  • AI now can now create unit threat data on demand. This helps support units that are not included in unit_list.json
  • Removed unnecessary AI build item
  • Fix for some AI planet counting stuff
  • Updated default personality values
  • Build item renames
  • Fix the AllMetalSpotsFull build condition


  • Added two new Commanders
    • ToddFather Planetary Annihilation Commander Imperial ToddFather
    • TheFlax Planetary Annihilation Commander Quad TheFlax


  • Changed the way local GW saves are named to avoid filename issues


  • Added two new large-scale prototype maps and put up a new iteration of one of the 1v1 prototypes in addition to 3 other prototype maps
  • Set the default water depth for planets to 100%. This only affects Galactic War and will only affect new wars


  • Changing your primary color will no longer reset your secondary color
  • The lobby will remember the last AI difficulty you selected and will use that level by default
  • Removed Twitch integration as Twitch is no longer supporting it. Customers can still use a third party application, like OBS, to stream PA to Twitch
  • The system display widget will no longer show the missing image symbol when you rapidly change the system in the game lobby.
  • CSS fix so background images cover in irregular resolutions (portrait or square)
  • CSS fix in nav items to properly highlight text when a sub menu is displayed
  • Adjust CSS for messages that appear in dialogs
  • Game Over: swap text from “View Final” to “View Winner”
  • Fix for button jittering caused by timer display when simulating systems
  • Updates for save game labels positions in menus
  • Add a Game Menu button to the options panel
  • You can now choose to exit the game or exit to the Main Menu after selecting the ‘exit’ option from the live game menu
  • Selecting any menu item will now hide the menu
  • Replay: Remove animated text that causes weird flashing in the background
  • Armory: Remove title animation to fix flashing background
  • Armory: Fix line height in KS credit to not overlap w/ commander visual
  • Armory: Tweak indicator for default commander
  • Quit menu: Tweak text on commit buttons
  • Main menu: Added view intro button
  • Improves spectator UI – removes unneeded UI elements


  • Added Cosmic backer name to credits and planet name
  • Game should now crash with an explanatory error if the UI crashes, rather than just freezing
  • Fix some cursor bugs that Linux users with specific graphics drivers have been experiencing
  • Support opening browser from PA on Linux. It should now open the user’s preferred browser (by relying on the `xdg-open’ command.)
  • Fix invisible CSG for Linux users when playing on PlayFab or on someone’s Windows server, but not when playing offline. This should marginally reduce load times for all users.
  • Fix for crash caused by aiBrain no longer being valid during sim shutdown
  • Fix for beam weapons no longer being able to do splash damage
  • Revert a change which was causing the game to hang when leaving the game lobby on some machines
  • The server will no longer broadcast custom csg to clients when the system is changed in the game lobby
  • Make log filenames & first line of log contain date,which should help both sorting & figuring out which log matches what session
  • More logging for FMOD initialization failures
  • The pause simulation button will no longer reset the position of the planets

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Hotfix build 79600 is live!

Coming out of PTE is the latest release patch, bringing with it a wealth of bug fixes, as well as some AI improvements including a much requested one in regards to Pacific.

If you had switched to PTE then it’s time to switch back to stable as all the fixes have arrived. And remember, if you encounter any problems, turn off your mods and try again.

All feedback should be submitted in this thread.


Air death weapon

  • Radius decreased to 0.75 from 1.5

Gunboat (Piranha)

  • Will no longer attempt to fire at units on the sea floor


  • Improvements on neural network for AI


  • Fix for uneven starting metal on pacific


  • Fix for performance hit when doing planet wide patrol
  • Fix for metal spots being unbuildable
  • Fixed AI nuke crash
  • Fixed crash for save/load
  • Fix for nav crash
  • Fix for spectators being able to pause the games
  • Removed Galactic War Save button until it is functional
  • Fix for units not attacking sometimes
  • Fix for platoon crash

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Hotfix Build 79380 now live

  • Date: 16th March, 2015
  • Category: Hotfix
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To resolve some of the known issues in the previous patch, Uber have deployed the promised hotfix.

  • Replays are once again functioning (though replays created from the previous build will not work as they are corrupted)
  • Fix to issues with auto attack
  • Non-local save load is now working (Currently your playfab save games will be located under Replays, My Replays (down under View). This flow will be better in the next Save/Load pass.
  • Orbital Fabber restrictions can no longer be bypassed

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Known Issues in 79317

  • Date: 14th March, 2015
  • Category: Hotfix
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Release build 79317 came out two days ago, but some reports have come in of issues with the build. A hotfix is planned for Monday, but until then be aware of the known issues below.

Known Issues

  • Replays not working
  • Orbital fabber can build a few things we don’t want it to
  • Attack move is not working great
  • Playfab save/load
  • Playfab server issues (playfab looking at this now)
  • Chronocam stat figures after game not working
  • One report of OS X lag
  • Linux UI freeze (even with –software-ui.)
  • Cheat broken

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