A Legion build for the ages

Mmmm cookies. Who doesn’t like cookies? Your opponent. When it’s a cookie cutter build!


With the Legion Expansion now well established we thought it time to dig into the world of builds to answer questions like: how should I open, and what method is best to grind my opponents into the dust?

AndreasG is here to help with the Cookie Cutter Legion Build Order guide. Let him walk you through a rock solid build that will have you crushing your enemies, driving them before you, and hearing the lamentations of their programmers. And if you’re an MLA player then use this to know what to expect to see in the future.

We recommend putting this guide to use in this weekend’s Andreas G Casual 5 Legion tournament, for gold rated players and lower only. If you’re higher ranked than that then check out the Pro version of the tournament.

Custom Server Setup guide updated

Uber has always provided servers for hosting your games. But if you wanted to break the 10 player limit, or put a little more juice into late game performance, then hosting your own custom server was the only way to go. And right now if you want to host a Legion Expansion game then you have to have a custom server running the PTE version of the game.


mikeyh has kindly updated the Custom Server Setup guide to make it both easier to use (no more VIM!) and relevant to the latest versions of Planetary Annihilation.

So if you want big games, or Legion games, check out the guide to see what you need to do.

Learn a Planetary Annihilation TITANS Build Order

  • Date: 26th August, 2015
  • Category: Guide
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So TITANS has been out for a week and it has been a bit of a learning curve. I know that when I first encountered the changes to the fabber rates I suddenly had no idea what made for a good opening any more.

Well worry not, because PAG_Elodea has your back. Those of you who followed Planetary Annihilation might be aware of PAG_Elodea’s Cookie Cutter series. As one of the top 1v1 players of the game he’s made a series of videos on good opening build orders, and the fundamentals of Planetary Annihilation play.

He’s now released a new build order video for TITANS players. If you’ve been struggling to find the right balance for your opening, then check it out.

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Learn the fundamentals of Planetary Annihilation from the King of the Planet

  • Date: 22nd January, 2015
  • Category: Guide
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Current King of the Planet, PAG_elodea, has released another of his Easy Cookie Cutter Planetary Annihilation Build Order guides. But this time it’s a DIY edition.

Rather than provide a set build order that you memorise and follow, this guide will break down the fundamentals of what good play looks like, including:

  • Mods and setting up UI
  • Ingame camera and hotkeys
  • Economy
  • Map analysis
  • Scouting
  • Micro

Everything you need to succeed is here, set to a backdrop of glorious elevator music.

So check out the Easy Cookie Cutter Planetary Annihilation Build Order #7 DIY Edition to see what has made elodea one of the best players of Planetary Annihilation today.

Ladder inactivity removal, AI improvements and more in build 76766

Build 76766 has just been moved from PTE to live. Primarily focused on bugfixing and polish, it features some improvements to the AI and a faster and more responsive lobby list. Uber have advised that due to heavy demand they are spinning up additional servers, so if you encounter an issue starting a new lobby or joining a game please be patient and try again.

A key change is that you will be hidden from the ladder rankings if you haven’t played in the last seven days. You won’t lost your rating, you just won’t be visible to other players and will no longer show as having a rank. Once you play a game you will regain a rank on the ladder. For those of you returning to the ladder, or who want to give it a try, be sure to check out our guide to the Planetary Annihilation pyramid, a list of essential skills to master no matter your rank.

You may have seen tvinita in Twitch chat recently if you’ve been watching any player streams. He is the individual at Uber Entertainment responsible for balance, and he’s asking for your feedback on the changes to naval released as part of the previous patch. There’s more planned, so let him know your thoughts.

As ever, be sure to check PAMM for any updates to your mods following this patch.


  • If player is inactive for 7 or more days, you will no longer show up on Leaderboards


  • Current game list should have improved responsiveness (changed games list to make use of compression to reduce bandwidth requirements).
  • Improved server browser behavior (sorting is now by time arrived instead of by game name)
  • Adjusted start position for Unit Cannon so it looks right
  • Umbrella adjusted for visual improvements
  • New icons for nuke and anti-nuke ammo to reflect current color scheme
  • Naval Umbrella redesigned to better match visuals of land version
  • Art pass for Holkins (land and naval)
  • New build bar icon for Holkins to match new look
  • Server backend perf tweaks
  • Improved support for non English alphabets in directory names
  • Improvements on path handling overall
  • Crash logging improvements
  • Fixed a bug on player surrender
  • AI fabbers will now try to avoid building where they are standing (should fix long delay for AI to start doing stuff at start of game)
  • Neural net data updated
  • AI will prioritize areas where a commander is present
  • Nav crash fix
  • AI fix for building too many fabbers
  • AI now anticipates upcoming economy income for area builds
  • AI should expand faster
  • AI will no longer believe Dox can attack while underwater
  • Minor changes on how AI prioritizes planets
  • Added stuck detection for AI platoons attempting to use a teleporter
  • AI now will use “Feeder Planets” when available to safely store units and feed them into more dangerous zones of battle
  • Layout polish on Kickstarter dialog
  • Recent contacts in chat list are now sortable
  • Opening new player guide when you are playing against AI will pause the game
  • Water depth parameter in editor
  • My planets now work with custom planets
  • Can now delete more than 1 landing spot in editor

User Interface guide updated

Published back in May when PA was labelled Gamma, our guide to the user interface provided you with all the information you needed to find your way around and make use of the tools the game provided.

There have been a number of changes to the UI since the release of the Galactic update and so our guide has now been updated for the latest changes, including: AI difficulty levels, economic multipliers, and Galactic War. It also now includes an explanation on how factory build queues work, including how to insert priority items into a queue.

Check it out in our guides section and leave a comment!