The Fight For The Ant

  • Date: 20th September, 2015
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In the deep, dark days of the Planetary Annihilation Alpha, developers and players worked side-by-side to forge a strategy game that would revitalise a genre long thought dead. These were happy, blissful days, and a sense of harmony and righteous progress lingered in the air.

Then the Beta came along. With it came many changes; the developers allowed multiple planets to be fought over for the first time and the players grew excited. In their excitement, however, they overlooked an act of treachery set in motion by the wicked Scathis. For in amongst the many treats the developers had laid out for the players, he had changed the name of the beloved Basic Tank from “Ant” to “Pounder”.

Once this monstrosity was unearthed, chaos took hold. The players demanded the restoration of the Ant’s rightful name, petitioning the developers repeatedly. One among their number stood forward as the brave champion of their cause: the Marshall.

He resiliently fought against a protracted campaign of malicious propaganda set forth by the developers. As the futility of their lies became apparent, they switched to outright mockery, changing the name of the tank with each successive patch to the game: a demonstration of their absolute power over the helpless players.

From Ant, to Pounder, to Titanium Insect, to Histericlese, to Alleged Tank, to UTC-8, to Unit Cannon, to Scamper, to BOLO, to Aventail, to Ripper – the tank was stripped of any semblance of identity it once had. The players sat back, accepting defeat. But not their Marshall.

Through a glorious propaganda campaign of his own, he kept the fires of hope alive that one day the Ant would make its return. He challenged Scathis to a duel – an honorable fight one-on-one to decide the fate of this iconic tank and to restore the honour of the Planetary Annihilation community.

The time has come, brothers and sisters, as Scathis has accepted this challenge. Join us for the glorious spectacle that is the Fight for the Ant, steamed live on Uber Entertainment’s Twitch channel at 1800hrs UTC on 26th September 2015. Celebrate with us as our Marshall fights for our honour, and decides once and for all the name of our dearly beloved Basic Tank.

Immediately after our honour has been restored, Marshall will then join Sorian from Uber in commentating on the AbleGamers Tournament 2015, where you can donate towards an exceptionally worthy cause in exchange for interplanetary carnage. Let us show Uber that the Knights of the Ant are as generous as they are righteous!

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King of the Planet 12 is over and VODs are up

It was our first time running a stream on hitbox rather than Twitch, so thanks to everyone who turned up and helped bring in new people. For a short while we had pride of place on the hitbox frontpage.

Planetary Annihilation King of the Planet hitbox frontpage

New viewers joined us for a King of the Planet which showed just some of the wide range of different ways Planetary Annihilation can be played:

  • Game 1 saw mass Dox and lots of static defence. It was a slower game with the players feeling out one another and a call back to late gamma.
  • Game 2 showed us rushing versus build up as bots took on vehicles.
  • Game 3 was just a wild ride with an unexpected start leading to an even more unexpected plan.
  • Game 4 was a custom map we hadn’t seen before styled after Starcraft 2 with some very defensible chokes and heavily clustered metal.
  • Game 5 was all about economy management and when it’s appropriate to move to tier 2.

All-in-all it was a series that had a little of everything. And with commentary from me, WPMarshall, PAG_Matiz and PAG_Clopse, along with interviews with both yaegz and elodea, you get all the insight into Planetary Annihilation you could ever want. Until next time.

And if you want to know the winner, well then just click the spoiler below. You really should watch the videos though.

Congratulations to PAG_elodea who took this King of the Planet in a clean 5-0 sweep. The first game was a close one, but soon elodea found his stride and was showing us just why he’s the King of the Planet. Every game saw a new strategy from him and yaegz just never had an answer.

During the event yaegz announced that he will be stepping back from Planetary Annihilation. We’re sad to lose a player of his calibre and hope he will find time to rejoin us in the future. Until then, all the best yaegz.

If you want to pick up some of the custom maps used then head over to this topic to download them. The others are available on System Sharing.

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King of the Planet showing at Edinburgh University

Forum goer Zaphys will be hosting a screening of King of the Planet 11 at Edinburgh University in Scotland for the local gaming society as part of a drive to increase interesting in Planetary Annihilation in the area. An opportunity to watch King of the Planet on the big screen? Sounds awesome. Zaphys has also done a “PA Intro Session” and is planning to introduce Planetary Annihilation as part of their 24hr LAN event.

If you’re interested in attending then drop him a private message on the Uber forums.

We expect to see videos or pictures of these events, Zaphys!

Edinburgh University RTS Club

Players needed to help test 20-30 commander FFAs on Sunday!

  • Date: 18th October, 2014
  • Category: Event
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This is a call to all those who like their games epic! Cola_Colin – the master modder behind PA Stats and unlocking the secrets of dedicated servers – wants to identify the best hardware on which to host the biggest games possible in Planetary Annihilation. To do that he needs people to play games so he can see how they do. He needs you.

So I would suggest tomorrow afternoon till noon for this. That means from the moment I post this thread in 20 hours, so 16:00 german time. Can we get enough people for this?

Need help figuring out when that is? Check this time zone comparison site. Hop into the conversation and register your interest.

Catch-up with ZaphodX’s PAX vlogs and casts

ZaphodX was the man on the ground for eXodus eSports at PAX Prime 2014. Invited by Uber Entertainment, he was flown over along with TheWrongCat and WPMarshall to cast Planetary Annihilation games live in the Uber booth.

The choicest games, along with all the vlogs he recorded while there, will be added to our PAX Prime 2014 page, accessible under the Events menu.

Be sure to check back for more cast games which we’ll be adding to the page as they become available.