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The Legion Expansion is a mod for Planetary Annihilation: TITANS developed as a labour of love over one-and-a-half years by a team of community modders. It adds a completely new faction to a game which previously only had one. This has been made possible by Uber Entertainment who have added numerous modding features into the game specifically to support our work.

Created by the Progenitors in the dying days of the Pro-Com war, the Legion represented humanity’s (the Progenitors) last ditch effort to defeat the Machine Liberation Army (MLA – the original faction). It failed. When the superweapon was unleashed which disabled the MLA the Legion were not spared. Millennia later they have awoken and seek to win the unwinnable war for which they were created, in memory of their creators.

The Legion lack the mobility and numbers of the MLA, instead their focus is on raw power. While the enemy are many, the Legion’s armour is strong and their guns powerful. They do not focus on early raiding or rapid expansion, rather they prepare themselves to strike a single mighty blow that both begins and ends the battle.

The Legion Expansion is available right now for all Planetary Annihilation: TITANS players through the game’s built-in Community Mods manager.


  • Over a hundred new units: Complete with bots, vehicles, aircraft, ships and orbital units, the Legion Expansion matches the MLA in both numbers and quality. Everything has been modelled and textured from scratch, there are no reskins to be found here. The distinctive Legion style can be seen throughout, with an emphasis on slower more powerful units, from the lowly Shank tank to the mighty Tyr orbital titan. For the turtles and Supreme Commander fans we’ve added shields.
  • New abilities: It’s not just point and shoot, the Legion Expansion has numerous units with special powers: the Investigator can burrow into the ground and act as a stealth radar; the Necromancer spawns suicidal Purgers around itself and sends them into the fray; the Salamander drops turrets to provide ground support.
  • New strategies: A new faction means a new approach and an opportunity for you to revisit a classic game afresh. Hold your ground, build your army and smash your enemies with a single hammer blow. Invade from above with the Starcannon, striking where your opponent least expects it. Use the airborne Comet to teleport in armies without warning. Or simply level entire bases from space with the mighty Tyr.
  • Exceptional balance: No one knows the game better than its players. Led by one of Planetary Annihilation’s top players, the Legion Expansion has been put through rigorous testing by a crack team. Endless games have been played to to ensure the faction remains distinctive while not being over-or-under-powered compared to the MLA, or having strategy boil down to the production of a single unit.
  • Ruthless AI: The Planetary Annihilation AI was built by the famed Sorian, and his work has been adapted to work with the Legion Expansion, allowing those uninterested in multiplayer to still enjoy themselves. And for those who find the vanilla AI holds no challenge the Queller AI works too.
  • Seamless integration: While it may be a mod it won’t feel like one. Maintaining the tradition of expansions from the heyday of RTSs, the Legion Expansion fits right into your existing TITANS install while making it feel like a whole new game. Legion lobbies are tagged to make it easy to find the game you want. You can play against the Legion without relearning the entire game; not one MLA unit has been touched, they’re the same faction as always.
  • Guide to help ease you in: We don’t thrust all this into your hands and wish you luck, there’s a complete supporting guide linked from the main menu with everything you need to know about unit strengths and weaknesses.




Units in action


Download all the images.

Dauntless bomber flyby Legion base

Dauntless drops the bomb Legion air force framed against space

A Legion army on the march Theodor artillery firing

Deathmark mobile artillery firing Legion tank force emerges from the trees

Scythe fighters fly over a volcano Earthshaker mobile ground pounder attack

Legion naval base Jaeger hover unit emerges from a foundry

Rampart shields a Legion base Legion orbital forces framed against space

Praetorians and Arsonists defend a Worldbreaker The doomed charge of the Dox against Odin titans

Legion orbital forces assault a gas giant Legion base under attack by several Atlas titans

Chariots descend from the sky to pick up troops Hordes of Necromancers pour through a teleporter

Tyr attacks an MLA base Arsonists defend against Ants

Odin titans attack Legion base against a rising sun

Defences fire out from under a Rampart shield


Download all the artwork.

Legion Expansion Bowhead Destroyer Concept Legion Expansion Catfish Scout Concept

Legion Expansion Nymph Submarine Concept Remora Combat Fabber

Legion Logos Croc Turret

Energy Storage Air Interceptor

Metal Storage Metal Extractor

T1 Radar Boulder Assault Bot

T2 Metal Extractor Mortar Tank

Orbital Fabber Scaffold

Rampart Shield Generator Naval Foundry


Download all the GIFs.

Legion Expansion Rampart Shield

Legion Expansion Gustav and Theodor artillery

Legion Expansion Thor Titan

Legion Expansion Necromancer spawning Purger

Legion Expansion Starcannon

Legion Expansion Tyr Titan


Download all the logos.

Legion Expansion logo

Legion Expansion Header

Legion Expansion Signature

The Team

nicb1 Project Lead / Models
Crembels Concept Artist
KillerKiwiJuice Models / Textures / Code / Effects
mgmetal13 Textures
zx0 Textures
Alpha2546 Effects / Balance
PRoeleert UI
wondible Code
mikeyh Code
Quitch AI
Stuart98 Code / Strategic Icons
dom314 Effects
CptConundrum UI
Elodea Balance Lead / Effects
AndreasG Balance / Playtester
Clopse Balance / Playtester
Graushwein Balance / Playtester
N30N Playtester
Qzipco Playtester
WPMarshall Playtester
xankar Playtester

About eXodus eSports

eXodus eSports is a community group focused on providing quality tournaments alongside guides and tutorials to the Planetary Annihilation community. Started in March 2014, it has continued to grow and has become a keystone in the Planetary Annihilation landscape, hosting tournaments in conjunction with Uber Entertainment, and with community members to deliver an annual charity tournament for AbleGamers.

About Planetary Annihilation

Planetary Annihilation is a game by Uber Entertainment. It was funded through a successful Kickstarter on the 14th September 2012, raising $2.2 million. It entered Early Access in June 2013 and then launched in October 2014. In August 2015 the TITANS standalone expansion was released. Kickstarter backers received it for free, while existing owners were able to purchase it at a significant discount.

A spiritual successor to both Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, Planetary Annihilation brought new features to RTSs, including spherical planets and maps which spanned multiple planets within a single solar system. You can move freely between them, smash them into one another, or even use metal planets as a death star. TITANS added numerous new units adding to the game’s strategic depth, including huge titans which tower over everything else.

The game has recently received a new major update which adds an in-game mod manager.

A full timeline of the game’s development and support is available.


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