What is King of the Planet?

King of the PlanetKing of the Planet is a recurring event where two top Planetary Annihilation players are matched against each other in best-of-five 1v1. One of the players is the current king, the other is the challenger. If the challenger defeats the king he takes the crown and becomes King of the Planet.

Worthy challengers are chosen by eXodus eSports’ event staff. If you want to compete then fight your way up the PAStats ladder and partake in community tournaments. The better you do the more likely you will be invited to participate in this, the ultimate Planetary Annihilation 1v1 competition.

Be sure to come to watch the live matches here on exodusesports.com to support your favourite player or simply see how the Planetary Annihilation meta is evolving. New matches occur on a monthly basis and showcase the best talent the game has to offer.

Long live the king!

Next battle

Our event staff are hard at work setting up the next King of the Planet. Follow us using the social media links at the bottom of the page to be notified when we schedule an event.

Current King of the Planet



No. Date King Challenger Result
The king is dead! Long live the king!
13 12th March 2016 PAG_elodea Oxide ion 3-0 Oxide ion
12 28th March 2015 PAG_elodea yaegz 3-0 PAG_elodea
11 7th February 2015 PAG_elodea (P)BattleBear 3-0 PAG_elodea
10 18th October 2014 PAG_elodea foerest 3-0 PAG_elodea
The king is dead! Long live the king!
9 10th August 2014 PAG_Matiz PAG_elodea 3-0 PAG_elodea
8 6th July 2014 PAG_Matiz PAG_Clopse 3-2 PAG_Matiz
7 22nd June 2014 PAG_Matiz bradnicholson 2.5-0.5 PAG_Matiz
6 1st June 2014 PAG_Matiz [BL] Murcanic 3-2 PAG_Matiz
5 18th May 2014 PAG_Matiz [RLM] burntcustard 3-2 PAG_Matiz
4 4th May 2014 PAG_Matiz Godde 3-1 PAG_Matiz
3 19th April 2014 PAG_Matiz [RLM] Gandalf 3-0 PAG_Matiz
2 13th April 2014 PAG_Matiz Godde 3-0 PAG_Matiz
Cola_Colin|VoW abdicates the throne
1 6th April 2014 N/A Cola_Colin|VoWPAG_Matiz 3-1 Cola_Colin|VoW