Using PA Chat During a Tournament

  • Date: 17th February, 2015
  • Updated: 16th July, 2016
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What is PA Chat?

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PA Chat is a way to communicate with people inside Planetary Annihilation.  You can install it via Community Mods.

Because it’s fully integrated into the game it has some advantages over chat systems like IRC that are separate from the game, the primary one being that most of the people you’re talking to are in the game. Need an extra player for your lobby, or you have a question about Planetary Annihilation? In chat there will be most likely someone able to help you. Sometimes the developers hang out in chat too so you can pitch them your next big idea or some bug you found.

How to access PA Chat

You can access the PA Chat system in one of two ways:

  1. – Chrome only
  2. using the PA Chat mod and accessing chat within Planetary Annihilation itself

I recommend using option 2 because you will be in Planetary Annihilation anyway and PA Stats is required for almost every tournament.

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Once you start Planetary Annihilation or go to the URL above you will automatically join the global chat channel. The in-game version will start minimised and you will only see the latest line of chat. Just click it to maximize it and join in the conversation.
Planetary Annihilation Chat Minimized

For tournaments we use a separate room for organizing tournaments called patournaments.

PA Chat rooms have a 100 user limit, so if you cannot connect it means the global chat room is full. Don’t worry, in the next section we detail how you can jump directly to the patournaments room and bypass global chat completely.

How to join the patournaments room

You can get to patournaments in one of two ways:

  1. type /join patournaments in the chat window
    Planetary Annihilation Chat Join Command
  2. open your friends list and in the join chatroom textbox type in patournaments – this is our recommended method
    Planetary Annihilation Chat Friendlist Join

Now a new window should have opened titled patournaments.

Why do I need to be in the patournaments room?

The room is used to:

  • take attendance
  • issue tournament instructions
  • provide a means by which you can contact event staff
  • capture your ladder rank for seeding purposes

This is all done automatically by our backend tech. You need to be sure to arrive on time (usually this is 30 minute before the tournament starts, check the rules) because if you’re not in the room you’re not in the tournament.

Most tournaments will have a bot called exodusesports in the room. This, along with event staff, will relay important instructions to you:

  • who you have to play in the next match
  • whether your game is being cast
  • when to set up a lobby
  • what name to use for the lobby
  • what password to use
  • when to launch your game

Be sure to pay full attention to any and all instructions it issues.
Planetary Annihilation Global Chat Bot Alerts

All event staff will have a blue or orange name, so pay attention when these people speak. They may also try to contact you via a private chat sessions, so keep an eye open for these and be sure to accept the invite.

Please keep chit-chat out of the patournaments room so that information from event staff is not lost.

Contacting individuals

If you have a problem you can contact the event staff by right clicking on their name and choosing “Invite to chat”.
Planetary Annihilation Chat Invite to Chat
This will open a direct chat communication with the member of staff. Event staff are listed on every tournament page.

Event staff or your opponent may try to contact you. Be sure to accept the chat invite.
Planetary Annihilation Invite Popup

Planetary Annihilation Private Chat

You can also use this method option to coordinate with your opponents in case of lobby issues.

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