Custom Server Setup

Before starting on this guide to setting up your own Planetary Annihilation dedicated server I’d like to give massive thanks to Cola_Colin whose post on how to setup a dedicated server was the basis for this guide.


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr LogoThis guide is written for Ubuntu, specifically version 14.04 LTS, and is based on the cloud image provided by Ubuntu. I do not guarantee that certain commands or other elements will work on other distributions or software baselines. Knowledge of Linux will be helpful, but should not be essential to make it through this guide. I make no apologies though for the fact that this is a technical guide and may be too difficult for some.

This guide will not cover the specifics of setting up a virtual machine on a cloud service provider such as AWS or Azure.

Where text is in italics you should copy it and then right-click in your PuTTY window to paste it.

Server specification

The first thing you’re going to need is a server. Based on testing performed by the community you will want something with:

The number of cores, amount of RAM and outgoing bandwidth will vary depending on the number of players and planets, the specification above is written on the assumption you will put more than ten players on your server.

If you’re looking into cloud server providers, know that AWS uses more powerful processors than Azure. You could also go with a bare metal option such as those offered by SoftLayer.

Connecting to your dedicated server

So you’ve got your dedicated server set up and running Ubuntu. Now to connect. To do this you’ll need to SSH access to the box.

On Windows I recommend PuTTY.

PuTTY session

Simply enter the host name or IP address of your server and click Open to connect. You should then be prompted for your authentication credentials. For really robust security I strongly recommend using a certificate rather than a password, but that’s a more complex topic and outside the scope of this guide.

Setting up your dedicated server

If you want to run a server using the PTE build rather than stable, please see the PTE server section at the end of this guide.

Installing Planetary Annihilation

First we need to download the files required to run a Go executable.

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install golang

Next we get the Planetary Annihilation patcher.

  • wget

Then we update the permissions on the file and run it.

  • chmod +x papatcher.go
  • go run papatcher.go -stream=”stable”
  • enter your Uber login credentials
  • ignore any warnings about a missing video card

Next we need to install an OpenGL library.

  • sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-glx

Configuring Planetary Annihilation

Install nano for easy editing of files (may already be installed on some distributions).

  • apt-get install nano

Let’s ensure the lobby reports to PA Stats

  • nano ./.local/Uber\ Entertainment/Planetary\ Annihilation/stable/media/server-script/states/lobby.js

After the first block of vars you should insert the text below.

setInterval(function() {
if (server.beacon) {
}, 5000);

Launch script

Now it’s time to setup a script to launch the server.

  • wget
  • sudo apt-get install unzip
  • unzip
  • sudo apt-get install nodejs
  • nano ./NodePAMaster/src/conf.json

The first two lines of the file should be modified to use the correct path for your server and version.txt files.

  • Change server to “./.local/Uber\ Entertainment/Planetary\ Annihilation/stable/server”
  • Change serverversion to “./.local/Uber Entertainment/Planetary Annihilation/stable/version.txt”

Now update the server IP address and port.

  • Change the serverip to your public facing IP
  • Change the serverport to 20545
  • Change shownregion to anything you like, but don’t use spaces

Now update the server parameters in serverparams.

  • change the name
  • add the following
    "--max-players", "15", "--max-spectators", "5"

The final serverparams will look something like:

["--headless", "--game-mode", "Config", "--allow-lan","--server-name", "MyServerName", "--max-players", "15", "--max-spectators", "5"]

The server name will be changed as soon as someone joins but your region name will always remain.

If you’re running a TITANS server then change “Config” to “PAExpansion1:Config”.

Starting the Server

Finally, let’s start the server so it can be joined by the outside world!

  • byobu
  • nodejs ./NodePAMaster/src/control.js
  • Press F6 to exit byobu but leave the server running

The server will continue to run even if you exit your SSH session. If you enter byobu again you will see your server running and if you wish to terminate it you can do so using CTRL^C.

Congratulations, you have yourself a working server!

Dedicated server listed in the lobby

I recommend you install a firewall that allows incoming connections to the following ports only:

  • SSH: TCP 22
  • PA: TCP 20545

Hosting / Joining

No mods are required to host, join or spectate servers.

If you cannot see your server in the lobby make sure you’ve setup proper port forwarding with your cloud provider. For example, with Azure you will need to configure an endpoint to pass traffic from public port 20545 to private port 20545.

We recommend that you take a snapshot of your image once it has been successfully tested to allow you to get yourself up and running faster in the future. How you go about this will vary depending upon provider.

Restoring your dedicated server

Once you spin up another virtual machine from a snapshot you took it’s easy to get yourself up and running again.

Update Planetary Annihilation

If there have been any patches since the last time you updated this image you will need to patch your server.

  • go run papatcher.go

Updates mean you will also need to restore your changes to lobby.js (and version.txt for PTE builds).

  • nano ./.local/Uber\ Entertainment/Planetary\ Annihilation/stable/media/server-script/states/lobby.js

Update the server

You may wish to update your server packages from time to time to ensure you have the latest security patches and bug fixes.

  • sudo apt-get update

Update the IP address

Unless you’ve been assigned a fixed IP address you will most likely need to update the public facing IP address in your configuration file.

  • nano ./NodePAMaster/src/conf.json

Launch the server

  • byobu
  • nodejs ./NodePAMaster/src/control.js

PTE server

If you want to run a server using the latest PTE rather than stable branch then you’ll need to change all references in commands and file paths from stable to PTE. i.e.

  • go run papatcher.go -stream=”stable” becomes go run papatcher.go -stream=”PTE”
  • conf.json “./.local/Uber\ Entertainment/Planetary\ Annihilation/stable/server” becomes “./.local/Uber\ Entertainment/Planetary\ Annihilation/PTE/server”
  • conf.json “./.local/Uber\ Entertainment/Planetary\ Annihilation/stable/version.txt” becomes “./.local/Uber\ Entertainment/Planetary\ Annihilation/PTE/version.txt”

If you want stable clients to connect to your PTE server then you’ll also need to create a version.txt containing the number of the latest stable build number and change conf.json to use that version number:

  • nano “./.local/Uber Entertainment/Planetary Annihilation/PTE/version.txt”
  • Enter 94684 and save the file

While 94684 is correct at the time of writing, this will change in the future.


And that’s it! Getting your own server running can look intimidating but it’s actually relatively simple. We recommend that you check out Cola_Colin’s data on server performance to assist you in making the right choice regarding provider and server.

Leave any questions in the comments section below and we will do what I can to assist, or pop across to the Dedicated Servers thread.

Additional Information

Planetary Annihilation Version

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    Hi! I need some help. I know allot about computers but this is my first time setting up a server and working with linux, I’ve got a second computer here and im trying to turn it into a PA server (mostly for shits and giggles) but ive run into an issue.

    Can you please help me with the following:

    robert@Robert:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.jvims
    Cannot add PPA: ‘ppa:~chris-lea/ubuntu/node.jvims’.
    The user named ‘~chris-lea’ has no PPA named ‘ubuntu/node.jvims’
    Please choose from the following available PPAs:
    * ‘apache2’: apache2
    * ‘avro’: avro
    * ‘couchdb’: couchdb
    * ‘cython’: cython
    * ‘dh-autoreconf’: dh-autoreconf
    * ‘dh-python’: dh-python
    * ‘fabric’: fabric
    * ‘gearman’: gearman
    * ‘gmp’: gmp
    * ‘gunicorn’: gunicorn
    * ‘haproxy’: haproxy
    * ‘libjs-jquery’: libjs-jquery
    * ‘libjs-spine’: libjs-spine
    * ‘libjs-typescript’: libjs-typescript
    * ‘libjs-underscore’: libjs-underscore
    * ‘libmemcached’: libmemcached
    * ‘libpgm’: libpgm
    * ‘mongodb-drivers’: mongodb-drivers
    * ‘munin-plugins’: munin-plugins
    * ‘nginx-devel’: nginx-devel
    * ‘nginx-extras’: nginx-extras
    * ‘nginx-passenger’: nginx-passenger
    * ‘node.js’: node.js
    * ‘node.js-devel’: node.js-devel
    * ‘node.js-legacy’: node.js-legacy
    * ‘node.js-libs’: node.js-libs
    * ‘pep8’: pep8
    * ‘php-pear-extras’: php-pear-extras
    * ‘php-pecl-extras’: php-pecl-extras
    * ‘php5.3.3’: php5.3.3
    * ‘php5.3.6’: php5.3.6
    * ‘php5.5’: php5.5
    * ‘postgresql-9.3’: postgresql-9.3
    * ‘protobuf’: protobuf
    * ‘pylint’: pylint
    * ‘python-aggdraw’: python-aggdraw
    * ‘python-apnswrapper’: python-apnswrapper
    * ‘python-argh’: python-argh
    * ‘python-arrow’: python-arrow
    * ‘python-asyncdynamo’: python-asyncdynamo
    * ‘python-asyncmongo’: python-asyncmongo
    * ‘python-authorize’: python-authorize
    * ‘python-bcrypt’: python-bcrypt
    * ‘python-blueprint’: python-blueprint
    * ‘python-boto’: python-boto
    * ‘python-brukva’: python-brukva
    * ‘python-bs4’: python-bs4
    * ‘python-chardet’: python-chardet
    * ‘python-concurrent.futures’: python-concurrent.futures
    * ‘python-config’: python-config
    * ‘python-coverage’: python-coverage
    * ‘python-crypto’: python-crypto
    * ‘python-cyclone’: python-cyclone
    * ‘python-daemon’: python-daemon
    * ‘python-dateutil’: python-dateutil
    * ‘python-digg’: python-digg
    * ‘python-django’: python-django
    * ‘python-django-ajax’: python-django-ajax
    * ‘python-django-appconf’: python-django-appconf
    * ‘python-django-autoslug’: python-django-autoslug
    * ‘python-django-cachebuster’: python-django-cachebuster
    * ‘python-django-campaignmonitor’: python-django-campaignmonitor
    * ‘python-django-compressor’: python-django-compressor
    * ‘python-django-djexceptional’: python-django-djexceptional
    * ‘python-django-easy-thumbnails’: python-django-easy-thumbnails
    * ‘python-django-extensions’: python-django-extensions
    * ‘python-django-grappelli’: python-django-grappelli
    * ‘python-django-indexer’: python-django-indexer
    * ‘python-django-jenkins’: python-django-jenkins
    * ‘python-django-paging’: python-django-paging
    * ‘python-django-paypal’: python-django-paypal

    wtf do i do xD?! Thx!!

    Hey Hotshot, Not sure if you’re still stuck on this or not. I noticed this while following the article also, but you will find that there are a couple typos in this tutorial. In this case the end of this line “sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.jvims” should really be “sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js”

    I hope you got it up and running before now, but if not and for everyone else who finds this and gets stumped, here you are!


    Thanks for pointing that out! I’ve updated the guide.


    Based on the dedicated server procedure I try to create some automation with docker.
    Have a look at for details.

    Best regards.

    I’m setting this up for the first time.

    Receiving the error :
    “The game has not been activated for your account. If you are unable to activate your game key, please contact (code=8)
    exit status 1″
    I bought the game via Steam… I’d talk to the guys at Uber, but the support email seems to be incorrect : no longer works?

    Any workarounds, other emails? Thanks!!


    That’s still the support e-mail AFAIK, but you can also raise a ticket via


    Double dashes were being turned into a single dash by the page. I’ve changed the lines where this is relevant so they use preformatted mode and display correctly.

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