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Build Orders Are Important

The commander was recently given three times the income it had before, this has led to a radically different opening build order than was previously used. As with any RTS your build order is incredibly important, so listen to the velvety voice of ZaphodX and get better at the game as he walks you through the new Planetary Annihilation build order meta.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin.

Thanks to BurntCustard of The Realm for showing ZaphodX this build so he could share it with the world! Tune in to BurntCustard’s Twitch channel to see top live top level Planetary Annihilation action.

Additional Information

Planetary Annihilation Version

    This can’t be Zaphod, the person in this video built energy.

    What I find most exciting about this patch is the opportunities for variations in build order it seems to allow. Certainly you have a lot more early flexibility I’d say than in previous patches.

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