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Easy Cookie Cutter Planetary Annihilation Build Order #3

Build orders are a key part of any RTS, no matter whether it’s a micro focused game like Starcraft II or a macro one such as Planetary Annihilation. Time remains a resource, one you must utilise as efficiently as possible. Recent changes to the balance have made your time more precious than ever and thus your Planetary Annihilation build order matters more than ever. But don’t worry, this guide is here to help.

This is a simple build order for a simple meta: spam Dox. Then maybe Slammers. This build order was used to take the title of King of the Planet from Matiz.

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    If you use a CTRL- click to priority queue the fabbers then you don’t need to remove them from the queue later. Priority queued units are always removed from the queue automatically, even in continuous build mode.

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