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System Sharing and PA Stats

  • Date: 10th May, 2014
  • Updated: 13th July, 2016
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All the mods listed here can be found through the in-game Community Mods manager.

What’s PA Stats?

PA Stats allows you to get detailed statistics of your game so you can improve. For tournaments this is essential for automation of results.

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Provided by CMM

What’s System Sharing?

System Sharing is a UI Mod where you can easily share systems you created with the community. It allows the usage of map packs you can find in Community Mods.

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Provided by CMM

Using PA Stats

Well using it is easy, just start a game! As PA Stats cannot report local games you should setup a game using the MULTIPLAYER area not SINGLEPLAYER. It can be you vs. an AI, it just needs to be run through MULTIPLAYER.

During the starting phase you’ll see the following options:
Never Forget PA Stats

“Send data to PA Stats” needs to be ON. Show live updates on the webpage is not required. If you leave it on then the moment you start the game live data starts showing up on PA Stats.

The quickest way to setup a PA Stats account is to host a multiplayer game against a single AI, then immediately surrender on spawn. Once the results screen appears you should now be listed on PA Stats. It is essential that your name on PA Stats and your name on eXodus eSports be identical. If they’re different you should follow thee instructions on how to change your eXodus name, which can be found on every tournament page.

Using System Sharing Mod

Start a new game. Once in the Lobby click on the System Button and click Browse systems…

Select System 1


Choose the correct tab – the tournament description will detail which one to use.

Select Map Pack

Select the right System and click Load System.

Load System

Make sure your game is PUBLIC, the password is set to the tournament password, and that you name your Lobby Match TOURNAMENT_INITIALS – MATCH NUMBER.

Add Spectator slots if you are told your game is being casted.

For even more info on the system sharing mod check the forum thread.

Big thanks to Raevn, Mereth for creating PAMM, Cola_Colin for creating PAStats and Cpt Conundrum, MikeyH for creating the System Sharing mod.

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