Planetary Annihilation AI shared armies

Enabling AI Shared Armies

  • Date: 9th April, 2015
  • Updated: 10th July, 2016
  • Category: AI, Step-by-step

This guide has you edit a core Planetary Annihilation file. You could break your game and need to revalidate your files if you do this wrong.

Ever since humans and AIs have been able to be on the same team it hasn’t been possible to enable AI shared armies. This is a real shame because shared armies is where Planetary Annihilation really shines.

This guide will help you restore AI shared armies, and in addition allow you to play on a shared armies team with the AI. Be warned, the AI doesn’t understand playing shared armies with a human and will regularly steal your stuff. In other words, it’s like the online experience.

This is going to be a really quick one as it’s dead simple. Thanks go to mikeyh who made this guide possible by having a much better understanding of modding than I do.

Restoring AI shared armies

This edit only works for AI skirmishes on local servers; it can also be made on your custom server. Custom games hosted on Uber’s servers will be unaffected by this change. Make sure you’ve got Local Server set to On or Auto.

Planetary Annihilation AI shared armies

Navigate to your Planetary Annihilation folder, this will likely be one of the following:

  • Uber launcher
    • C:\Games\Planetary Annihilation\Planetary Annihilation\stable
  • Steam
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Planetary Annihilation\

Navigate to the following folder

  • \media\server-script\states

Open the file lobby.js

Search for if (ai) which at the time of writing is line 692.

Highlight the block below and delete it.

Planetary Annihilation AI Shared Armies

Patches have moved this to lines 719-721

Save the file and quit.

And that’s it, you can now enable AI shared armies, both for AI teams and AI/human teams. If you still can’t and Local Server is set to Auto, try using On instead, though it means the game thinks your system specs are too low to run the server component.

Planetary Annihilation AI Shared Armies

As you are editing a game file directly, be aware that future patches may restore the deleted lines and you will need to re-edit the file.

Improving the AI

You’ll often find the AI plays better in PTE than in stable, as that’s where the latest changes to its behaviour exist.

For a tougher AI experience (or better teammate) why not check out my Queller AI?

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Humans and AI working together

Here Queller and AI demonstrate what a human/AI shared army looks like. Interesting is the word for it.

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