Cookie Cutter Planetary Annihilation Build Order

Easy Cookie Cutter Planetary Annihilation Build Order #4

Build orders are a key part of any RTS, no matter whether it’s a micro focused game like Starcraft II or a macro one such as Planetary Annihilation.  Time remains a resource you must utilise as efficiently as possible in your Planetary Annihilation build order.

With the recent changes to Planetary Annihilation, you must learn to use a diverse roster of units each in support of the other.  This cookie cutter build order will try to show you how to scout and utilise in combination the Bumblebee, Hummingbird, Dox and Bolo.  All of these units are key T1 units in Planetary Annihilation.

As this is taken from a real game some of the action happens quite quickly, so you may need to watch it again if you missed anything the first time through.

Planetary Annihilation Build Order Video

A detailed explanation of the build order

When you go into a 1v1 your opponent could start with any number of build orders ranging from 3 fabber expand macro builds to 1 fabber 4 factory rush builds or anything inbetween. You must go into the game with a solid build that is able to deal with most any kind of build your opponent can do.

The difference is mostly down to number of fabbers built, and thus number of pgens built instead of factories. Remember, a fabber has half the energy efficiency of a factory. Simply put, the tradeoff to building and using 1 fabber is about 1 factory worth of continuous production assuming you are not metal bottlenecked. (1 fabber + 2 pgens roughly equals 1 factory + 1 pgen).

A standard cookie cutter needs to be flexible enough both to defend the cheese rush pressure builds as well as keep up in macro and mid game unit timing with the 3 fabber macro builds. Air first gives you this flexibility. While your opponent can play smart, you can also play smart.

Your air fabber expands faster than vehicle and bot fabbers. This is important because metal is your number 1 priority in the early game. It will also allow you to get water metal which you can then defend with your air first advantage – this is very strong. Air fabbers are also 100% immune to dox. They are faster than dox, and have more vision range than dox weapon range. Dox also prioritise ground targets over air targets, so you should not be losing air fabbers to bots.

The early Hummingbird allows you to scout his build and respond accordingly. It also allows you to get 3 Hummingbird 1 bomber squad faster than him (It takes 3 Hummingbirds to one shot another Hummingbird).

  • If he went 4 bot factory rush the bomber will keep you safe and allow you to counter-attack his expansion until you can get your vehicle factories up.
  • If he went air first to snipe your air fabber, so what? Priority build a land fabber and snipe his air fabber back with your 2nd Hummingbird; no big deal. Now you are both equal. That is how the mirror build plays out. If he did not build any fabricators from his first air factory for you to snipe back, he is even more behind.
  • If he went heavy vehicles, then your bomber forces him to either go air or to build spinners instead of tanks.

So why not air second or air third etc. why air first? Because air control is important. Because you built it first, you have Hummingbird advantage, which means bomber advantage.

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