2.5 Minutes to Becoming a Better PA Player

  • Date: 2nd June, 2014
  • Updated: 10th July, 2016
  • Category: Beginner

1: Map control is key to a strong economy.
Expand like crazy. The more of the planet you control, the larger your armies get.

2: Long build queues are your best friend.
Long build queues automatically expand while your attention is focused elsewhere, allowing you to do multiple things at once.

3: Scout your opponent early.
Scouting tells you where to send your army and where it is safe(er) to expand. The Area Patrol Command is helpful for early scouting.

4: Build proxy bases.
Proxy bases are secondary bases with build power and economy.

5: Upgrade to an advanced economy only when you can afford it.
Don’t upgrade too early, that leaves you with a small army, little map control, and vulnerable to attacks.

6: Don’t neglect Orbital.
Managing multiple planets at once is difficult, but very rewarding. It allows for large, easily defended economies, and don’t forget about planet smashing.

7: Scout late game.
This alerts you to incoming attacks, locates proxy bases, finds weak points to attack, and allows you to counter game ending strategies like nukes. Radar coverage on all sides of your base is also very helpful.

8: Raid early and constantly.
Raiding keeps your opponent on the defensive, puts more pressure on his economy, and cause him to defend, rather than attack and hurt your economy.

9: Don’t attack the same place twice.
Attacking the same place over and over causes your opponent to invest metal into defensive structures. Defensive structures are more powerful than units, so just go where the defensive structures are not.

10: Attack from two places at once.
Getting attacked on two sides of your base is difficult to defend against.

11: Find your opponent’s weakness and exploit it.
This seems like a “duh,” but is a critical strategy. Scouting your opponent and discovering their weakness is critical for winning – be it no anti air, an undefended side of the base, no anti-nukes, no orbital, no naval… whatever it is – find it – take advantage of it.

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