Rainbow Racers


Rainbow Racers is a racing mod for Planetary Annihilation. Take control of a car and race against your opponents, clicking furiously to drive to victory. Be the first to build a single laser turret across the finish line to win. Bump your opponents out of the way and control the racing line.

It’s delightful, colourful madness.
Rainbow Racers


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Discuss on the forums
Provided by CMM

Author: Mod Type:
Discuss on the forums
Provided by CMM

The mod is meant to be played on tracks and will not result in any fun if you play it on other systems because the game ends as soon as somebody builds on a mex spot.

Race Car

Formula 1

The first configuration for the Rainbow Racers

  • Top speed: 70 meters per second
  • Acceleration: 25 meters per second
  • Brake: 35 meters per second
  • Turn rate: 105

How to Drive


The Cars (Commanders)

Each unique Commander has a unique car model linked to it. Pick your favorite one to race the car you like.

Ajax Vanguard
Stickman9000 Adv Fabrication bot
Aeson Skitter
AceAl Boom Bot
Alpha Skitter
Berlinetta Skitter
Grungfur Slammer
Invictus Skitter
Nemicus Bluehawk
Osiris Land mine
Progenitor Bluehawk
Spiderofmean Sheller
Theta Skitter
TwoBoots Skitter
Potbelly79 Vanguard
ShadowDaemon Boom Bot
Rallus Spinner
Delta Adv Vehicle Fabber
Chronoblip Inferno
Armalisk Gil-E
Beast Skitter
Centurion Skitter
Aryst0krat Leveler
Enzomatrix Wall
Gamma Skitter
Gambitdfa Skitter
Tokamaktech Skitter
Diremachine Skitter
Xinthar Skitter
Banditks Skitter


Make use of your new skills in the Rainbow Racers Grand Prix. Compete for a prize pool of $90.

Published: 25th March, 2013

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